Scanlon: Players Need to Bond

One of the seniors from the 1979 team made it clear that the Razorbacks need to tighten their ranks to pave the way for a good 2006 season. Kevin Scanlon, former UA quarterback, gave us a peek at what his teammates told the current squad Thursday night.

The seniors from the 1979 Arkansas team played on squads which won 30 games over a three-year period. They played in the Orange Bowl, the Sugar Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl. But that's not what they remember about their days as Razorbacks.

"We remember the bond we developed as a team, that's what stands out the most," said Kevin Scanlon, the Hogs' QB from '79 and the SWC player of the year for that season.

"We talked to the current team last night in the team room about the love we have for our teammates and the bond we've kept. We were successful because of that. Our group focused on the team. It wasn't about me or I. We had a commitment to our buddy on the team."

Scanlon said they took turns telling the Hogs about some specific situations from their time on the Hill.

"It's funny, but our coach could and would try to intimidate you," he said. "That was the way Lou Holtz did it. But we were more concerned with letting our teammates down than what the coach could do to us. That's when you know you have a family and a bond.

"I can remember a specific play in the Tulsa game my senior year. I missed a check on the goal line and we didn't get in. I was down about that. I went to the sideline and I can remember Chuck Herman talking to me. I apologized to him and said I wouldn't let it happen again. I took pride in doing the mental things right for my team. I'll never forget what he said right then, just a quick pat on the back and he said, 'Don't worry about it, Kevin. We believe in you. We are going to be fine.' That is the way it was with the guys on our team."

Scanlon said that is the message Nutt wanted to get across to the team.

"We love each other," Scanlon said. "When you love your teammate, you fight and claw for them. You don't want to let them down."

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