No Tackling Doesn't Mean No Learning For UA C

FAYETTEVILLE — There doesn't have to be tackling for today's "scrimmage" to be beneficial, Arkansas coach Houston Nutt said.

So what can the Razorbacks' coaching staff learn from tonight's event, which won't feature live tackling and Nutt said he was calling a "thud" rather than a scrimmage?

"Who's going to get lined up properly, who's going to play as hard as they can, be in position to make the tackle, who's going to take care of the ball on offense," Nutt said. "We're going to grade it the same way, you just can't grade tackling."

Despite not tackling, Nutt said the Razorbacks would be working on some game plans for USC during the event.

"We'll be carded up USC," he said.

Because of mounting injuries, Nutt considered canceling the scrimmage, which had been billed as a game-preparation scrimmage. But the coach said he changed his mind so that fans could get another look at Arkansas before its Sept. 2 opener at home against Southern California.

There will be some tackling in tonight's event though, as Nutt said the third teamers would scrimmage and play full-tackle.

That will include Clark Irwin, who with the absence of Casey Dick has been elevated to third-team quarterback.

"Clark Irwin's very, very valuable, very intelligent and is doing a really good job," Nutt said. "You can see why he's won a lot of games at Little Rock Central."

Thursday's day off leading into the final day of two-a-days Friday didn't help the Razorbacks turn in a stellar practice effort in the late session.

"(They were) a little sluggish," said UA coach Houston Nutt. I wanted to be a little fresher with the day off, wanted them to be more excited but they're feeling the end of two-a-days. Little sore, little beat up, but we got a lot of things done."

Nutt gave the players Thursday off from practice, instead opting to have members of the 1979 team speak to the players.

After the night practice to wrap up two-a-days, Nutt spoke with the team at length.

"When I give you a day off, you should come back and really give it," Nutt said he told the team. "I know we're tired. I know that, but I just expected more.

"It's the toughest game in the world and I expect the most out of each and every one of you, just like our '79 team told us last night."

New offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn kept the offense on the field after Nutt's speech, running through several sprints before they ran some more plays.

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