Short Scrimmage Yields Odd Sights

Even with the no-tackle rules of Saturday's "mock scrimmage," several players wore blue and green "no-contact" jerseys.

Running backs Peyton Hillis and Michael Smith and wide receiver Marcus Monk wore green jerseys while quarterbacks Robert Johnson and Mitch Mustain wore blue.

Hillis, Smith and Monk have been wearing the jerseys in practice since the first week, when Smith went down with a hamstring injury, further depleting the Razorbacks' depth at tailback.

Fans at the event might've thought they were watching a backyard football game, right down to the ball on the field.

Instead of live snapping, the Razorbacks' center snapped a plastic football while the quarterbacks held the real ball in their hands. The fake ball would usually just bounce harmlessly behind the line of scrimmage.

Fans at the scrimmage were sitting in the east and south stands, instead of the west stands where fans were allowed during last week's scrimmage.

Another odd sight came afterward, when the Razorbacks posted the statistics for the "scrimmage" on its Web site.

Officially, the Red team won 54-8.

The statistics were hard to keep as often the whistle was blown even before contact on several occasions and in others, the ball wasn't spotted where the play ended.


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