A Big Thud

UA head football coach Houston Nutt is extremely unhappy with his team's effort in a Pro-Style Tempo Thud Saturday night and doesn't mince words when meeting with reporters and then his team soon afterwards.

It's called a Pro-Style Tempo Thud, but it was just one big sorry thud as far as University of Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt and his staff were concerned.

They were fuming after an abbreviated non-tackling scrimmage that ended because of either lightning or frustration by the coaching staff - take your pick.

"I was just disappointed," Nutt said. "First of all, I didn't think we had the intensity we needed. I didn't feel good about it. I really didn't. We have got to do better than that. That to me was - it just wasn't a good day."

He wasn't about to give anybody praise in a workout that came exactly two weeks before the Razorbacks are set to open their season with visiting USC.

"It was everybody," Nutt continued. "That is ridiculous. You can't practice like that. You can't practice like that - even if it is a thud. Don't give me excuse of we are are not tackling. That is the wrong way to approach a practice. That is embarrassing.

"No excuse, no excuse, they know how to practice," Nutt continued on. "Both sides - everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody - all of them."

Arkansas defensive coordinator Reggie Herring wasn't in any better mood than the head coach.

"Nothing personal, no comment, they don't deserve to be talked about," Herring said as the media started to approach him for some post-thud comments.

UA offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn was not pleased either in a scrimmage that technically the Red won 54-8.

"I am a firm believer that you get better or you get worse," Malzahn said. "Obviously we didn't get better in our mental approach. We need to answer the bell and come out here next week and really put the hammer down."

Nutt wasn't interested in talking about any positives there might have been on Saturday night.

"I didn't see any," Nutt said. "Got to do better than that - got to do better. It is disappointing. You take it off of them, gave them a day off of practice and it's not good. And we are going to get that right. We WILL get that right the next few days."

Not even the kickers were off-limits from his criticism.

"Kickers weren't as good as they've been the last two weeks," Nutt said. "Weren't as good tonight, and that's everything," he said. "It's everything. It's just bad. Everybody was bad - bottom line."

Nutt, who read his team the riot act in a meeting afterwards and then stormed out of the door, said he planned to deliver his message firmly to his team.

   "The message is that you never take one day for granted," Nutt said. "You're fortunate. It is a privilege - not a right to be a Razorback - it is a privilege. You've got the finest facilities in in the world. You get Gatorade after practice. You get taped, you get stretched. You get massaged. Play hard."

Nutt was also upset that a crowd of several thousand had to sit through the poor effort.

"You've got people (the fans) spending their valuable time it a hot and very humid place. You have the best grass field in America and you come out and don't respect your home. That is just unacceptable."

Arkansas will lift weights on Sunday and then return to the practice field on Monday, when school starts.

It will come after two bad practices according to Nutt with Saturday's hitting rock bottom and him saying practices this days because of NCAA limits are a "cupcake."

"This was the worst one I can think of," Nutt said. "This is a couple of nights that we have just wasted. "

"I know they are tired, but that is the way 2-a-days, that is the way camp is supposed to be," Nutt said. "I know it is humid and all that. The seniors have got to take ownership of this team, you have got to step up and you have got to get it done."

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