Mustain: Excited and Surprised

It was under unusual circumstances, but Mitch Mustain is now Arkansas' starting quarterback. The true freshman talked about the last couple of days after Tuesday's workout.

Freshman quarterback Mitch Mustain was "excited" when he found out he'd been named the starting quarterback, but "surprised" at the way it happened.

"The situation and the context surprised me," Mustain said. "I was excited, but the move of Robert Johnson to wide receiver, that surprised me."

By the same token, Mustain said after Tuesday's practice he was ready for the move.

"It was my goal," he said. "That's what I've been working and competing for it."

The excitement of the crowd was "fun, but I would have been excited whether the crowd did that or not."

Just like he was told, Mustain said he got the lion's share of the practice snaps in Tuesday's practice.

"I got a lot more reps," he said. "I expected that. That's good because we have a different game plan. I just have to stay focus and learn the new stuff. I got the majority, but Casey Dick is back out now and we need to get him ready, too."

Reporters asked if it was hard for a true freshman to take control of a huddle dominated by senior offensive linemen.

"No, because that's my job," he said. "I have to take command."

Does he think he's proven himself to his teammates with his one touchdown drive against USC?

"I still have a lot to prove, to myself if no one else," Mustain said. "We still have to win games. I hope this next one we can win big."

What will it take for him to win respect from his teammates?

"It's the nature of the position," he said. "I'm new. I just have to go out and do things in a game. That's how you earn respect. They'll get behind me if we win games. That is how you get your teammates confident in the quarterback, go win games."

While he heard fans cheer for him, Mustain said he couldn't help but hear boos when teammate Robert Johnson went on the field as the game progressed.

"That was unfortunate," Mustain said. "What happened with the fans was unfortunate. He got his shot, but the fans booing is a little rough."

Johnson impressed Mustain with the way he practiced at wideout Tuesday.

"He came out working today," Mustain said. "I will also say that the communication with me was good in the huddle today. He gave me good communication."

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