Tusk Family Arrives

Tusk I, the Razorback mascot, now has some piglets to call his own. Eight new arrivals are doing well at Tyson Farms. Here are pictures.

Tusk Pictures

Monica rests while her piglets feed. Tusk sired eight piglets, three of which are males. Meriel, another gilt, should give birth to another litter in the next couple of weeks. After that litter arrives, trainers will pick the best of the males to begin training for Tusk's eventual replacement as the UA's mascot.

Tusk Pictures

Lynn Rinehart is in the pen with Tusk at the Tyson Farm. Rinehart is one of the supervisors for Tyson that handles the Tusk project for the UA athletic department. Tusk now weighs in at 450 pounds and will go on a diet to be fit for the first game of the season.


Tusk Pictures

Tusk comes to the fence that separates him from Monica and her eight piglets sired by Tusk. The piglets weighed about two pounds each at birth. They are now striped, but their stripes will soon disappear.

Our thanks to Chuck Barrett for providing these pictures of the Tusk family. Barrett, host of radio sports talk show SportsRap, was instrumental in a fund-raising drive to purchase the two female pigs and provide the housing at Tyson Farm for Tusk and his growing family.


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