Impressed Duo

Fort Smith Northside quarterback Kodi Burns (6-2, 190) and Rogers offensive lineman Lee Ziemba (6-7, 305) come away very impressed with Arkansas after the Razorbacks' 27-10 win over Auburn on Saturday.

There is no winner in the Kodi Burns sweepstakes - and won't be until after the season - but the homestate program did help its cause with a win on Saturday.

Burns, the Fort Smith Northside quarterback who is one of the country's top prospects, watched the visiting the University of Arkansas wipe out No. 2 Auburn 27-10 on Saturday.

It was a matchup of the two finalists for both Burns and Rogers offensive lineman Lee Ziemba (6-7, 305).

"I was really impressed with Arkansas," Burns said. "I thought it would be a lot closer game, but Arkansas just really dominated and took care of their business."

Burns had said recently that he knew Auburn was going to be a contender for national title contender and SEC title and was looking at what Arkansas would do this season to see if they were indeed moving forward.

It would seem they showed that to Burns, who accounted for four touchdowns in his team's 42-17 win over Van Buren Friday night while completing 18-of-29 passes for 237 yards and also rushing 14 times for 108 yards.

"I do think they showed that they can play and beat anyone in the country with that game," Burns said. "I feel like they might be good enough to win the SEC title."

He did refute speculation that he and Ziemba may have already silently committed to Auburn.

"That's just not true," Burns said. "I don't know where that came from."

Burns and Ziemba are set to visit Auburn officially for the Tigers' Nov. 11 game with Georgia.

"Yes, that's solid," Burns said. "I am also going to get up to a couple more Arkansas games before the season is over."

Ziemba was also very impressed with what he saw on Saturday.

"I was kind of shocked how it went, but I sure everybody in the nation was shocked," Ziemba said. "Arkansas just dominated the line of scrimmage, just dominated it."

Ziemba - who like most thought No. 2 Auburn (a 15-point favorite) would win - said Thursday that he was not going to base his decision on who won on Saturday.

That was still his stance after the game, but did add the win says a lot about Arkansas.

"This tells me they have the ability to play with anybody in the country and that's important," Ziemba said. "It's kind of ironic that I have it down to those two and they played today, but it wasn't going to matter whether Arkansas or Auburn won as far as my decision in the end.

"I just think you can't let one game make your decision for you," Ziemba added. "That's not smart. You've got to factor everything in and that's what I was going to do before today and still am. But I am very happy for the Arkansas coaches."

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