Jackson Lasts Long To Finish Touchdown Run

FAYETTEVILLE — Keith Jackson Jr. found himself under a media dogpile shortly after Arkansas demolished Southeast Missouri State 63-7 Saturday in Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Everyone wanted to get a good sound bite from the big, burly Razorbacks defensive tackle.

And there were plenty of good ones to go around.

Jackson, a 6-foot, 296-pound senior from Little Rock, chuckled several times as he fielded questions about his improbable 69-yard interception return for a touchdown in the second quarter.

"I just snooped out the play and read it right," Jackson said. "The ball just so happened to end up in my hand.

"Once I got it, I just kept rumbling. At one point, I had to give their quarterback (Kevin Ballatore) a stiff arm, kind of like (Arkansas tailback) Darren McFadden, to get to the end zone."

Less than a minute after the touchdown, Jackson, who won the annual Crip Hall Award for the outstanding senior in the homecoming game, left the field and headed for the locker room.

"Naw, I wasn't sick or anything," Jackson said. "I didn't need oxygen, either. I got that on the sideline. I had an equipment malfunction, my helmet was messed up.

"It was messed up a couple of plays before that."

That interception return helped put Arkansas up 20-0 with 8 minutes, 37 seconds left before halftime.

"Just watching Keith Jackson run down the field was worth coming to the game," said Arkansas defensive coordinator Reggie Herring. "That's a lot of beef moving in a fast direction."

Razorbacks defensive end Jamaal Anderson was a little concerned whether Jackson could recover from the long, exhausting run.

"I knew he would make it," Anderson said. "I just didn't know how long it would take for him to recuperate from it."

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