Hogs Defensive End Punishes Vols Quarterback

FAYETTEVILLE — As Jamaal Anderson started cutting the tape off his banged and bruised body, he sprouted a wide, toothy grin.

He was one happy camper. Why wouldn't he be? Anderson, a 6-foot-6, 280-pound junior defensive end, pushed, shoved and slapped around Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton for most of Saturday night. "The guy was everywhere," Arkansas defensive tackle Ernest Mitchell said. "Oh, he was just balling man. He was just working all fresh. He just came to us in the second half and said ‘Just work off of me and see what I do.' It worked off perfectly. "Then we were all making plays." Yeah, he made play, after play, after play with his motor running at its highest speed. Anderson had 5 tackles, including 3 1/2 sacks for 17 yards in losses and added 2 quarterback hurries. "We knew they were bringing in a new quarterback into a hostile environment," Anderson said. "We knew we had to set the tempo and get the crowd into it and keep them there. "That was what I was trying to do, make plays. "I knew they were aggressive passing and I could move around them. I had one set of moves I could get around them with. On the first sack, it worked. "After that, I just kept coming." Fellow defensive end Antwain Robinson noticed. "He definitely was the outstanding defensive player of the game," Robinson said. "He set the tone with three sacks. He did a helluva job out there. "I hope he keeps it up." Anderson, who's got 10 1/2 sacks this season, said it didn't take long for him to formulate a plan of attack. "We expected them to run a little more," Anderson said. "We got a tip they were going to rush it more. When they came around with that bootleg, that's when I knew they were going to pass."

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