Saturday Morning Grid Report, 8/17

Marvin Jackson's loss forced Dave Wommack to make a position change in the secondary. Also, the Hogs added a day of practice to their schedule.

Arkansas began to make adjustments for the loss of Marvin Jackson at cornerback as two-a-day football practices continued for the Razorbacks.

Bo Mosley was moved from safety to cornerback to ease a depth situation. Defensive coordinatory Dave Wommack said that he needed four "starting" corners to play several defenses in his package, and that Jackson's loss forced Mosley's move back to his old position.

"In some of the packages, we will use four corners, and Marvin's loss means we need Bo back there," Wommack said. "You know, I've talked about the depth we have at corner, and how I've never had four like this, but we were down to three when Marvin was lost. It's a situation that an injury here or there changes things dramatically. We will face this during the season, and that will limit us."

Houston Nutt praised the Hogs' efforts in the morning workout inside Walker Pavilion. He said the workout included six full periods of special teams work, and, that they would continue to emphasize special teams.

"I like what I see on defense with some of our freshman," Nutt said. "They are picking things up well. Guys like Vickiel Vaughn, Desmond Sims, John Jackson and Chase Pressley are picking things up quickly. We are in good shape there.

"Offensively, some freshman are doing well there. Dedrick Poole, Michael Coe and David Thompson appear to be grasping what we are doing.

"It's tough for a freshman right now. We've got about 80 percent of our offense in and about 80 percent of the defense in, so the freshmen's heads ... a lot of them ... are on a swivel. It's moving pretty fast."

Wommack said that Vickiel Vaughn is the third free safety behind Ken Hamlin and Shelton Parker, but will push Parker.

"We'll see if he passes (Parker), but we don't have to have him this year," Wommack said. "To be honest, right now, with no more injuries, we could be in a situation where we are not desparate to play any of our freshman on defense.

"I really like Desmond Sims. We've put him at wolf and he looks good. He's big, strong, and smart. He's going to put some weight on before he's done. He may be big enough before long to play inside linebacker. He's got that kind of frame and that kind of instincts. He's going to be a good one in time, but we don't have to have him just yet."

Nutt has ordered a change in plans for the weekend. Originally, the Hogs planned to take Sunday as an off day, but he'll have them in one workout Sunday afternoon to fine tune special teams.

"We'll put the full pads on Monday, and I think we'll add a scrimmage there in the afternoon," he said. "It won't be a big scrimmage, maybe 20 plays or so, but we'll want to get some hitting done and scrimmage right away. Then, we'll have two more major scrimmages in the week. We want to scrimmage as much as we can and we'll just jump right into it on Monday and see where we are as soon as possible."

Matt Jones looked sharp again on Saturday morning, adding to a solid day on Friday. He completed a long strike, a real bullet, to Sparky Hamilton on a rollout to end the day's team work. Rolling to his right, Jones squared up to zip a 40-yard strike down field to Hamilton gliding between defensive backs on the sideline. That seemed to please Nutt, who called an end to the morning's workout.

The Hogs will practice at around 3:45 p.m. Saturday afternoon on the grass practice field outside.


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