Marist Can't Contain Hogs In Second Half

ORLANDO — Marist coach Matt Brady's defensive game plan worked pretty well in the first half even though his team went into the halftime break down 25-22.

But it didn't work as well in the second half as Arkansas put up 51 points and won going 73-64 in the semifinals of the Old Spice Classic.

"We are not like them physically," Brady said. "We can't go out in the passing lanes and take away passes and cuts and all that kind of things. We have chosen since I have been at Marist to play defense from the 3-point line on in and based on scouting report defense we will figure out how. We are going to pick guys that we are going to try and not let them beat us.

"So we are softer on some guys than others, but we are very scouting report oriented. I think the depth of Arkansas, especially their front court, they all came up and made shots. I give them a lot of credit."

Indeed after a first half in which the Razorbacks' big guys went 1 for 13 (the only basket a tip-in by Steven Hill) they responded by going 9 for 14 on field goal attempts after intermission.

The shots were there the second half because freshman guard Patrick Beverley said the big guys passed it back out and then looked for it again.

"Our big persons just have to recognize when they get double teamed and kick it back out," Beverley said. "When they kicked it back out, then they got open shots for us. When we penetrated and dished, they got open shots."

Brady said it was hard to guard all of the weapons Arkansas had in the second half because of movement.

"I was really hoping they would be a little less difficult to guard," Brady said. "I think their movement on offense and the screening that they do is terrific in terms of how they play. It presents a lot of challenges for us because they stretch us defensively and that is not our strength. "

Brady was impressed with what he saw.

"I think they are very well coached on both sides of the ball," Brady said. "They play good defense, they play good offense, they have a lot of upperclassmen and these new kids — Beverley and Weems — that they have on their team are good players."


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