Under The Helmet

Senior Cornerback Darius Vinnett On missing most of last year with injuries to both knees and playing injured most of this season:

It's been real tough. I've been dealing with it for two years in a row. My first senior year (last year), I had to take a medical redshirt to be able to come back for my second senior year. It was real frustrating. On the change from junior college football to Division I-A college football: It was a change, but not much of a change because the JUCO system I was in (at West Hill (Calif.) College) was a passing league. We had a lot of passing, a lot of man-to-man coverage. So, there's really not much of a change, maybe the speed of the game. The speed of game in this league (Southeastern Conference) is faster. On off-field activities: I go to church on Sundays. I just like to sleep and watch TV. I like anything, movies, sitcoms, cartoons. I flip through a lot of channels. If I lost my remote control? Oh, I'd have to go to Wal-Mart and buy another one. On the importance of academics: It means a lot to me because coming out of high school (in St. Rose, La.) ... that's the reason I couldn't play major college football as far as not having the grades and messing around and being a clown. Never wanting to go to class and do my work. Kind of like when I went to junior college, I mean, I kind of got a second chance. So, I've been a real stickler on academics. On playing for defensive coordinator Reggie Herring: I mean, it's great. The guy is always intense, intense in practice, intense in the game. He's got a great mind for defense and that's real exciting to be part of something special. On the improvement of the secondary: We have been banged up a lot. This is the first time, for the most part, we've kind of been able to be together. Us playing together all these years is like a chemistry. That's why we are so together. On coming back for one more season: I'm real glad I got that second senior year. I knew there was going to be something special about this team. So, I'm kind of glad I got this opportunity. I'm happy I'm back this season. On the Arkansas fans: It's just great to see how they support us and how they follow us, how they keep up with us. It's just great to have that kind of fan support, just to have your crowd behind you. That gives us a good home-field advantage. That helps a lot. I wasn't really aware of how loyal they were. Like growing up in Louisiana, everybody was LSU fans. I kind of knew how they were about LSU. I kind of thought it would be the same by this being a major SEC school.

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