Gators Break Through For Blocked Punt

Jacob Skinner didn't stand a chance. Just as soon as Jarrod Fayson broke through the line of scrimmage, everyone in the Georgia Dome knew what was about to happen.

With Florida holding a small, 3-0 lead with just more than 9:30 left in the first half, Arkansas was lined up to punt from deep in its own territory when Fayson made a play that sent the Gator faithful into a frenzy. Because just as soon as Skinner -- Arkansas' senior punter -- took the snap, it was clear there was no chance he was going to get the kick past a hard-charging Fayson. Skinner barely had the ball in his hands by the time Fayson came within reach, jumping in front of the kick to easily block Skinner's boot. Just like that, Florida had recovered the ball and was set up at the Arkansas 9-yard line, going ahead 10-0 on the very next play when Chris Leak's quarterback draw worked to perfection. "We had a few special teams mistakes that didn't work out," said Reggie Fish. "The dropped punt, the (blocked) punt and a few others just didn't go our way."

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