Tuesday Afternoon Grid Report, 8/20

Arkansas will have to wait a bit before Fred Talley can return to workouts after the senior tailback sustained an injury.

Arkansas worked on polish Tuesday afternoon, one day before a critical scrimmage that will go a long way towards shaping what the Razorback football team will look like in 2002.

Houston Nutt said his team will scrimmage for approximately 90 minutes on Tuesday in the first major scrimmage of the fall. He said his staff is looking at picking starters at several key positions on both sides of the ball and deciding on the status of several freshman as far as redshirts.

"This will be a big measuring stick," Nutt said. "We are looking at a lot of places other than quarterback. We want to gauge how we are doing at inside linebacker, who might be ahead there. We have some real good competition at a lot of spots.

"We had a good day Tuesday. I thought Matt Jones had a good day and was sharper today than yesterday. His arm is getting stronger."

Fred Talley, the top tailback, will be out until at least Friday with what Nutt said is a mild separation. He had the same thing last season and played with it.

"I think Fred will be fine," Nutt said. "And, I don't think we'll see much of him the rest of preseason. We know what he can do. They say he'll be back Friday, but we don't need to hit on him anymore."

Josh Melton sat out with a knee problem. He'll get an MRI on Wednesday and will likely miss the scrimmage. It could be that Melton has a problem with his cartilage.

Nutt said Thomas Crowder, injured Tuesday morning when he ran into a lift machine at full throttle, was fine.

"He's sore and he'll sit out for a day, maybe, and I'm just thankful he's not hurt seriously," Nutt said. "We are lucky. I looked at the film and he just disappears under the lift and you don't see him hit it. It was a tough collision."

Starters Arrion Dixon and Jermaine Brooks controlled the tempo in middle drill action for the second straight day. Dixon and Brooks are the starting defensive tackles.

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