Ziemba: "I am still 50-50"

After his official visit to Auburn this weekend, Rogers offensive lineman Lee Ziemba (6-7, 305) says he still finds himself torn 50-50 between the Univeristy of Arkansas and the Tigers and needs to put some more prayer into his decision

Lee Ziemba left Auburn headed back to Arkansas on Sunday, but only made it as far as Atlanta.

That's where the 6-7, 305-pound All-American offensive lineman was going to be spending Sunday night with his aunt after bad weather in Northwest Arkansas kept him from flying back into the airport near his home in Rogers.

It's just more time to think about whether he wants to be a Razorback or a Tiger.

"Just like when I left my official visit to Arkansas, I'm still 50-50 after leaving Auburn," Ziemba said. "I am still 50-50, just as I have been since this summer. I have days when I have thought better about one school than the other but it switches right back."

Ziemba took his official visit to Arkansas on Dec. 15-17 and finally got around to taking the one to Auburn – originally slated to happen back during the season – this past weekend.

"I don't really have a timetable now – could be this week or could be later," Ziemba said. "I am just going to start praying about it and see where the Lord leads me. When an answer comes to me and I feel sure about it, then I'll just let everybody know when I do."

Ziemba said he got the opportunity to see a lot of things about Auburn that he did not have the chance to see on unofficial there last summer.

"I go to hang out with their players and see how they live and where they live and just got a real feel for campus life," Ziemba said. "I have a much better idea of what it is going to be like down there should that be where I decide to go."

His trek to Auburn comes a week after rooming with Arkansas commitments Grant Cook, Grant Freeman and Seth Oxner for a week as they all played in an all-star game in Shreveport.

Interestingly, Ziemba was wearing Cook's 2006 AAAAA-East basketball championship t-shirt when he had his picture snapped on Auburn's campus this weekend while he sent one of Rogers' shirts home with a player from Hawaii.

"Yes, it was- that's kind of funny you picked up on that and we did a lot of swapping," Ziemba said. "We had a lot of fun down there for the All-Star game. Those guys have been great to me and they really want me to come to Arkansas, but they have gone about it the right way.

"They have not pressured me about it, just made it clear how much fun it would be to all play together on the offensive line and they are all great friends of mine," Ziemba said. "They have done it the right way and just gone about letting me take my time and make my decision on my own time."

Ziemba will actually fly into Fort Smith on Monday morning, get some rest and then start to thinking about his final destination.

"The thing about praying about a decision like this is that you have to go into with a clear head," Ziemba said. "If you are going to pray for guidance, you have to truly go into 50-50 and that's exactly where I am right now. Like I said, we''l just see where the Lord leads me."

Lee Ziemba

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