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Hawgs Illustrated, the magazine, is running a special subscription offer for two weeks. Click on the story to see a full-sized image of the August magazine cover with UA graduates Jermaine Brooks, Raymond House, Mark Bokermann and Josh Melton.

If you don't already receive the print version of Hawgs Illustrated, this is the perfect time to subscribe to our magazine. We have some extras of both the June/July and August issues. If you call today and pay with your credit card, we will send you the two back issues with your subscription order and mail them today first class. I think you'll love the quality of the magazine. We've worked hard to upgrade the printing, photographs and features, and improve our product.

A subscription is $44.90 and, that gets you 19 issues during the year.

Call 800-757-6277 to subscribe.

It appears that we've hit a home run with Brad Dunn as general manager. Of course, Dunn was a longtime assistant coach in our basketball program. He's upgraded several things, including our marketing. We've sold more ads in the last three months than during any period in the 11 years since we started HI. We are going to be able to add some pages this fall, and expand some of our coverage to the track, baseball golf and women's sports. This is an exciting time in our development. I just want to encourage folks to come aboard right now, and not miss anything this fall.

We've worked hard to speed up delivery with many meetings with the US Postal Service. I know some of you are seeing improved delivery, although there are still some tough areas.

I really feel this is going to be a good time to get aboard. The prospects and the excitement with football, basketball, baseball and track sure seem high right now.

Call today to get the June/July summer football preview and our August issues as a bonus to start your subscription. Ask for Stephanie, and she can process your order and mail your first two magazines today.



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