Seibert Steady In Return To Rotation

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. -- Shaun Seibert keeps getting asked the same question over and over again. He also keeps answering the same question with the same answer.

Despite early season struggles which led coaches to move Seibert from the Arkansas starting rotation to the bullpen, the junior righthander insists there wasn't, isn't and never will be a problem with confidence.

Still, that same question keeps coming.

How's your confidence, Shaun?

After five innings of effective work on the mound against Ole Miss in the opening round of the Dairy Queen Classic in the Metrodome on Friday, surely Seibert had to feel some boost in the confidence department. But no, like he's continued to preach, the confidence has always been there.

"Overall for me it wasn't a confidence thing so much as it was just making some adjustments," Seibert said.

When he was battling with control problems earlier this season, Seibert -- who allowed just one run in Arkansas' 5-4 loss against Ole Miss -- said he was trying to overcorrect, and ended up overpitching.

But after being given a second chance in the rotation, Seibert returned relaxed, ready and yes, confident as ever.

"I thought Shaun threw the ball pretty good," Arkansas coach Dave Van Horn said. "For the most part when he was ahead of hitters, he did a great job. He had a couple of innings where he went full count a lot. But he kind of wiggled his way out of it and late in the ballgame it's 1-1 and he gave us a chance to win it, and we should have won it.

"So it was good to see Shaun pitch pretty good. I think he's slowly getting it rolling and that's what we need."

For Seibert, the confidence issue was never an issue. Now, it's more about just having a good time out on the mound.

"I was talking to our grounds crew guys before the game and he was talking about how there aren't many guys that get to go out and pitch in a major league park," Seibert said. "He was just telling me to go out there and have fun and that's what I tried to do. I just tried to go out there and enjoy it while it lasts."

Weather Affects Classic Schedule

With the recent blizzard-like conditions hitting the Minneapolis area, the Dairy Queen Classic was forced to undergo a major overhaul this weekend.

First, The Citadel had to back out of the tournament when their flight in from Charleston, South Carolina was canceled. To make up for the Bulldogs' late drop out, host Minnesota then decided to play a doubleheader today against Ole Miss before wrapping up the tournament with another doubleheader Sunday against Arkansas.

"It's better than not playing," Minnesota coach John Anderson said. "Like I told our guys, we can't control the weather so we'll just have to make the best out of it."

Walker Still Getting An Earful

Brian Walker and Ole Miss fans go way back. Last year in Oxford, the Razorbacks catcher became a favorite target of taunts when he was thrown out of the Saturday SEC game for arguing with the home plate umpire on what he believed was a blown hit by pitch call.

Well Friday, the 100 or so Rebels fans in attendance at the Metrodome hadn't forgotten the incident from last spring, numerous times reminding Walker of his actions back in Oxford.

Opinions Vary

Before the Dairy Queen Classic began, Arkansas coach Dave Van Horn expressed his displeasure with having to play SEC rival Ole Miss in the tournament. But as far as Rebels coach Mike Bianco is concerned, playing the Razorbacks prior to conference play is a non-issue.

"I know Dave has a different opinion on this, but again my opinion is (our series with Arkansas) is 11 weeks from now," Bianco said. "There's a lot that can happen in 11 weeks. Different lineups, different rotations and I just don't think it's that big of a deal.

"It's not like football where you play a team once and you know their offense or something like that."

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