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Glynn Cyprien takes over as interim head basketball coach until the Razorbacks complete their coaching search.

After hiring only 3 head basketball coaches in the past 33 years, the University of Arkansas has its second "interim" one in two days.

Glynn Cyprien, who served as an assistant coach under former Razorback head coach Stan Heath this season, was announced by UA athletic director Frank Broyles as the interim head coach until the school completes its coaching search.

"He named me interim head coach just to kind of oversee day-to-day operations and obviously recruiting because we have to get out and show people that someone is here," Cyprien said. "…My first concern right now is let these kids know someone is here for them and just to make sure they taking care of what they need to be taking care of."

Cyprien – the only member of the old staff still around – is needed because Dana Altman bolted back to Creighton after being head coach at Arkansas for just one day.

That – and the knowledge that two Razorbacks had failed a drug test due to smoking marijuana and some had academic work to do - just added to the negative publicity that the UA has received since deciding to not retain Stan Heath at the conclusion of his fifth season.

"I just came from a meeting where the guys mentioned to me that in some polls – I guess Fox Sports – that our team for next season has been rated as high as eighth," Cyprien said. "So for every negative article or every negative statement that has been made about Arkansas, there have been tons and tons and tons of positive ones made about the future of the program.

"We can't worry about the negative guys and people are going to say what they say," Cyprien said. " I think the University and Coach Broyles will do their due diligence in getting a coach in here and that will take care of itself…. "The key is for these guys to finish strong academically and the basketball will take care of itself."

One of the first things that Cyprien can help with is recruiting this weekend as the Real Deal on the Hill AAU Tournament happens in Northwest Arkansas and brings over 1,000 prospects to the UA.

"I think more importantly than anything right now is for the kids that have not been to Fayetteville to see the facilities, see the city of Fayetteville and surrounding areas and for them to get a feel for the area," Cyprien said. "Once you get a head coach in place, he could sell himself along with the kids knowledge of what the University has to offer.

"I'll be out smiling and shaking hands," Cyprien added. "We have done a pretty good job prior to this event of getting out and really recruiting some young kids because that 08 crowd is so important. We just want to follow up on guys that are out there and guys that going to be in town."

It's certainly not like Cyprien hasn't gotten some early work done on the 2008 prospects.

"We had a list of guys that were thought were important with the previous staff so I am going to continue recruiting those guys," Cyprien said. "Once the new coach gets in here I can turn the list over to him and based on what he knows about our team and guys that are coming back and probably his film work, he could say yay or nay to some guys at a few positions.

"At this point it is a matter of keeping guys a little bit hot, a little bit warm in terms of what I think we still need this season," Cyprien added.

Cyprien also addressed the academic situations of the team.

"Academically, everyone is eligible right now," Cyprien said. "They have to finish strong meaning they have to pass, but it is just like any other institution where you have a high profile institution where you have some guys might have to take a class or two in the summer. But I can assure you if that was a problem that it would have been addressed a long time ago."

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