Tuesday Grid Update, 9/10

Arkansas' practice on Tuesday didn't get the approval of head coach Houston Nutt. Secondary coach Dave Wommack makes a lineup change.

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt didn't like what he saw on the practice field Tuesday afternoon. He said the Hogs weren't with it, mentally.

"Our concentration wasn't good," Nutt said. "I think it wasn't one of our better days. It wasn't just one area, either. We didn't come to work today. I sure hope it improves on Wednesday. I always say you either get better or you get worse. We sure didn't get better today."

Nutt said there was one area that the concentration was solid, and that was in the punting game. The Hogs worked hard on fixing the mistakes that caused two major breakdowns in punting situations in Saturday's 41-14 victory over Boise State.

"I think we got better there, today," Nutt said. "We timed Richie Butler and made sure he got it off a little quicker. He's got to do a better job getting it off in a quicker time, but we've got to block better, too. It's a combination of things there."

Nutt also praised freshman quarterback Cedric Washington for effective work with the scout team impersonating the South Florida quarterback. Both possess great speed.

"He gave us a comparable look," Nutt said. "Cedric did a great job."

Defensive coordinator Dave Wommack said Lawrence Richardson moved ahead of Eddie Jackson as the starter at one cornerback spot based on their performances Saturday night.

"Lawrence got 27 plays, and Eddie got 39," Wommack said. "I played them every other series, but Eddie got more snaps because the offense kept the ball longer on the series he played. Otherwise, I tried to make it equal.

"I'm telling you, I will start the one who performs better. I think I could see it and I think they could see it. Lawrence was better.

"I still will play Eddie Jackson in the game this week. It wasn't that bad. He did some good things, but Lawrence was sure better. They both knew that without having to watch the film, but the film didn't lie.

"How did they do today? It wasn't a good day for anyone. We could have practiced a lot better than we did today."

However, it is likely the Hogs will need all their defensive backs against South Florida's multiple, no-huddle offense featuring three and four wide receivers.

Wommack said Caleb Miller graded out high for his snaps in Saturday's game.

"He is really doing well," Wommack said. "He got his shoulder dinged a little, and could have gone back in. We just didn't want to put him through too much physical work. We've kept him out of most of the physical work this fall, and we aren't going to hit on him in practice during the week. We know what we have with Caleb. He's a heckuva player. He is one of our best players."

Line coach Mike Markuson said Dan Doughty graded out in winning fashion against Boise State and deserves to start again this week.

"He's a winner and he played well," Markuson said. "We are going with Dan this week. He fought his butt off, and I liked what I saw there. We'll stay with him at center."

Tarvaris Jackson practiced at half speed and is availability for Saturday may be in doubt. He sustained a bruised ankle in limited action Saturday, and couldn't participate in all drills on Tuesday. His status will be checked on Wednesday.

Nutt said the Hogs may move inside Walker Pavilion to get a fresh feel for the AstroPlay surface that is featured there and in War Memorial Stadium.

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