Houston Nutt's Sunday Press Conference

Houston Nutt visits with the media on Sunday after the Hogs' defeated South Florida, 42-3, to move to 2-0.

"I really am proud of our team. They played extremely hard against a very good team. I thought both our offensive and defensive lines really dominated and after the first eight minutes I thought they really just quieted South Florida down by being physical. I think Dan Doughty, Mark Bokermann, Shawn Andrews, Bo Lacy and Scott Davenport, the offensive line graded out very well.

"We really ran the ball at them - literally right out them. I thought our backs played really hard and our receivers played extremely well. Compared to last week they played very well, going up after the ball and getting the catches. I thought our quarterbacks really improved - Matt Jones and Tarvaris Jackson really stepped up and got us out of some bad plays. They did a good job of not trying to be a hero, but getting us out of a bad play. That's what I'm most proud of.

"Our defense did well. They continued pursuing the ball and creating turnovers. The increased pressure really kept their quarterback off balance. I thought our punt protection was good. I knew they were going to come after us and I thought our protection was good. I think the only thing we need to get corrected is the punt return. We just got to get better at it.

"Right now our guys are confident and you can tell it by the way they're playing. I'm proud of the guys and its exciting because we are getting ready to play real football now, 10 straight weeks. You're always concerned about injuries and things like that but we just have to keep going. We had some guys go down last night, but nothing too bad.

"Coaches Allen and Wommack did a great job last night of changing up the defense and hiding blitzes and when we did come it looked like the same as when we weren't. We were able to get pressure on these guys because they don't know if we were coming or not or where we were coming from. We can do this because we're doing a lot more packing this year than last and we're confident with our secondary. When you're in that situation, you can do a lot more things.

"I'm glad we're 2-0 right now. We got some time to fuel up and have a good week of practice and really get a head start."

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