Arkansas Camp Report

The Arkansas Razorbacks had a great collection of players attend their camp. The states top three uncommitted offensive linemen were on hand competing for scholarships, and that competition was fierce. Austin Eoff earned a scholarship, but he was not the only impressive player. In this HI Camp Report, we will look at some of the top players from the camp.

To start things off the report I would like to thank the Arkansas coaching staff and Hawgs Illustrated reporter Dudley Dawson for taking the time provide me with an inside look at the Arkansas football program.

To me the cream of the crop at the quarterback position were Nathan Stanley, Jim Youngblood, and Nathan Scheelhaase.

Stanley is a tremendous talent. One thing that a camp allows you to see is pocket presence. Stanley exudes confidence, and all of the other kids picked p on it and feed off it. That is an admirable quality in a young QB. He also threw the best ball. He had a strong arm and was very consistent. His school runs the "Wing T," so I was a little surprised to see how good he was dropping back.

Jim Youngblood was as good as he was in San Antonio. He has a major league level arm, so you already know that he has a cannon. I would like to nickname this kid the "Quiet Storm" because he is so methodical, but at the same time, there is a passion there. I predict that he will make some big plays at some critical moments because of it. I also think he fits the offensive system perfectly at Arkansas.

The top junior player at the whole camp was Nathan Scheelhaase. He has great size and moves very well. He could play some other positions, but why not go ahead and project him where he shined. He throws well moving left and right, and has some great instincts. He was solid at the Combine in Kansas City, but he was better at this camp.

De'Anthony Curtis was easily in a class by himself at the running back position. He drew oohs and aahs all day long by breaking off the defenders with his quick routes and speed. He exhibited his normal speed in the drills. I think he is a little bigger now than I last saw him. He may have added about 10 pounds or so. He will be ranked as the top player in Arkansas, and I could definitely have many reasons to back it up after watching him in action up close on two separate occasions.

I have been on HI before talking up Cruz Williams, but I am even more impressed than before after watching him again at this camp. Many people would probably select Curtis or Stanley as the camp MVP's, but I would give it hands down to Cruz. He was Arkansas's best-kept secret. He is as smooth in and out of his breaks as any receiver I have seen this season, and he does it with a nice frame. This kid will be scary in the college weight and training program. He is not only quick. He also runs precise routes and has tremendous hands. Cruz Williams is the man!

The top offensive linemen were Matt Hall, Tyler Barnes, Austin Eoff and Bryant Newell. The interesting thing about these guys is that they all bring something different to the table.

The most frustrated guy I talked to was probably Matt Hall. The coaches advised him to stay out of the one on ones due to a slight leg injury. The big fellow was not happy, as he wanted to go out there and smash some heads.

Tyler Barnes is an exciting player to watch because he is so intense. I think he performed very well. He goes all out all of the time. He performed well and was one of the camp's top performers.

Austin Eoff defines the word road grader. He is a tough son of a gun that bullies his man about. He plays with great leverage, and understands that he needs to use that to his advantage. He is built like a tank.

Bryant Newell is probably the best pass pro guy of the bunch and has very quick feet for a man his size. He looked better during this camp then when I saw him a month ago in Kansas City. His upside as a lineman is probably higher then anybody else in the state.

Zack Stadther looked very solid. He has a good base, moves well, and is a competitor. He does not have as much fire as a guy like Lavunce Askew, but he is a serious candidate to receive an offer in my opinion.

Lavunce Askew was a man-child, but so was his teammate Brian Christopher. They were running neck and neck as far as being the best defensive linemen at the camp. Askew has some versatility due to the fact he could probably play inside and outside on the next level. Christopher was the surprise of the camp to me. He was excellent, and may have been the meanest dude there when the whistle blew for one on ones.

The two players who stuck out at linebacker and defensive back just happen to play on the same team in high school at Watson Chapel. Jeff Little was ripped up, and was the cream of the crop at the linebacker position. Arkansas will be looking at a ton of linebackers, so it would not surprise me to see him get an offer. DB Gordon Johnson topped Little's 4.49 forty by running a 4.45.

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