Magnificent McFadden II

His famous cousin Darren is about scoring points and grabbing the headlines, but Pulaski Robinson cornerback prospect Marquis McFadden (5-10, 175, 4.4) is a quiet one who just goes about his business of keeping people from doing that.

When you last name is McFadden and you play football in the state of Arkansas, people are bound to pay attention.

Like his cousin and superstar running back Darren McFadden of the University of Arkansas, Pulaski Robinson cornerback Marquis McFadden (5-10, 175, 4.4) is more about the game than the name.

"I don't feel like there is any pressure to live up to the name, McFadden said. "People come up to me every day wanting to know if I am his cousin or whatever. But there is nothing to it out on the field. I just take care of my business and don't think about being his cousin. I just think about making plays."

McFadden, who attended an Arkansas camp last summer and has plans to be at the Razorbacks' Seniors Only one on July 21, was one of the top defensive backs on hand at the Shootout of the South this past weekend in Little Rock.

His Pulaski Robinson squad won Pool A on Friday, won their regional bracket on Saturday and ended up going 6-1-1 overall in the 24-team event with the only loss in the Elite Eight to Pulaski Academy.

"Last year we were kind of down, but this year we are trying to be a better team and have more wins and I feel like we are going to be much better," McFadden said. "Hopefully we can get better and even maybe win state."

McFadden - a standout running back as well - has offers from Air Force and Rice and interest from Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Rice, Tulsa, Georgia Tech, Mississippi, Tennessee and Vanderbilt.

"I am interested in all the schools that are interested in me," McFadden said. "If Arkansas offers me, that will be great. If they don't they don't. We'll just see how it turns out."

McFadden attended a one-day camp at Oklahoma State last Sunday and ripped off a reported 4.39 40-yard dash – the fastest time there.

"I feel 10 times better than I did last year," McFadden said. "I know I am getting faster and my technique is getting better. I am work hard on my man-to-man coverage skills and my speed."

Pulaski Robinson head coach Todd Eskola can't say enough about McFadden.

"He is not like a lot of these kids who want to be the center of attention and draw all the attention to himself," Eskola said. "He is just interested in doing good in school – and he is a great student – and taking care of his business on the field. That's why not only are schools with great football programs looking at him, but schools with great academic ones as well."

Pulaski Robinson had plenty of coaches at its spring practices, including ones from the University of Arkansas.

"We were very honored to have those coaches here and so was he, but really he wanted to just practice more than he did visit and perform in front of them," Eskola said. "In fact, I think he would have been just as happy if they had just sent him letters, but he handled everything with class like he always does."

McFadden said he is a quiet young man who doesn't need all the fanfare.

"It was my first year dealing with all this recruiting stuff and my coach told me that I've just got to go about my business and I can't change what I do," McFadden said. "I really don't like to bring all the attention to myself, but it is flattering for both the school and myself."

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