Hoops Update

HI.com basketball reporter Don Oglesby gives his take on the ongoing individual workouts as Arkansas heads closer to the opening of the season.

The routine continues for the Hog basketball team... individual skill sessions (with four players) Monday and Wednesday afternoons starting at 3 pm and Friday mornings... starting EARLY. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons it's heavy conditioning work. They also have been doing some running on Sundays... don't know what time. Usually (but not always it seems) they will play pickup games starting half an hour or so after the workout or conditioning sessions.

Concerning the pickup games, Kendrick Davis has really picked up his game. He has very impressive range on his three-point shot and has quickness turning the corner and gtting to the basket. His 3-pointer is a bit streaky, but when he gets on a roll he just might stick six or eight in a row.

Have especially enjoyed watching Coach Boudreaux work with the post players. Don't know whether Alonzo Lane and Larry Satchell will ever achieve the levels we had hoped when they came in as freshmen, but it seems to me that they are responding. Satchell's footwork and aggression in fighting for postup position seem much better. Even Lane, who always has had good footwork in the post, seems more comfortable and seems more willing to go to his left with his moves. Rashard Sullivan can become a force in the paint... not a great shooter, but strong and physical and athletic enough to get himself open. He's a strong finisher. Have noticed in the pickup games Sullivan and Eric Ferguson Ferguson working together well, with Eric penetrating and dishing to a breaking Sullivan for easy layups or slams. Obviously it won't be that easy when they start playing for real, but it's good to see the awareness.

Dionisio Gomez appears to be still somewhat bothered by back trouble. In a summer pickup game he went up for a shot and came down flat on his back. He has had some trouble ever since. Don't think he has missed any workouts but sometimes he appears to be in some pain and is not quite as free and easy nor as aggressive offensively as he was earlier in the summer. He still manages to set the pace in the conditioning drills, though, so it must not be too troublesome.

Coach Heath and Coach Taliaferro have not been present during the past week. I know Dudley reported that Coach Heath had in-home visits scheduled this week, including one with Olu Famutimi and his guardian on Wednesday and then with his parents in Toronto (Thursday I think). Not sure if the NCAA rules permit more than one coach to visit in the home now, but if they do Coach "T" may be with him, as he coached high school ball in Detroit and probably has known Olu since then.

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