Needing Council

Mark Courtney once coached Arkansas star Marcus Monk in high school and thinks he has another star-in-the-making in Dumas star Kendall Council (5-9, 180, 4.3).

Mark Courtney was the guy who coached University of Arkansas wideout Marcus Monk while he was in high school.

Now that he has moved from East Poinsett County to Dumas, Courtney thinks he has run into another athlete that could be a star in college if just given a chance.

That would be Kendall Council (5-9, 180, 4.3), who spends most of his time at quarterback for Dumas, but is more likely a wide receiver or cornerback prospect in college.

"He is a phenomenal athlete," Courtney said. "I've had Marcus Monk and some pretty fast guys, but he is the fastest kid I have ever had.

"As a receiver he does things that you can't coach," Courtney said. "He goes and gets the ball. You have seen how Marcus has progressed with the Razorbacks, but he didn't go get it in high school. Kendall does it naturally, has raw speed and just natural football instincts."

Council doesn't have any offers yet, but has begun to get mail from Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tulsa, Auburn, LSU and Michigan.

"The first thing that grabs you attention is that he runs a legit 4.3," Courtney said. "A lot of schools have not got film on him yet, but we should have that out soon.

"I've got a little bit of credibility with some of the coaches now and when I tell them they can play, they at least will give them a good look," Courtney said.

Council says that he is just looking for an opportunity.

"I don't think a lot of college coaches know about me, but coach is helping me get the word out," Council said. "I think if they come and see me or get some tape they will see that I am very fast and have good hands."

Council admits he has thought about playing in "The Big House", but also thinks playing at Reynolds Razorback Stadium would be a treat.

"I was actually more of a Michigan fan growing up because my dad stays up there," Council said. "But Arkansas has a great program and pretty good education and I would like to go up there and play."

Courtney said that the need to win in high school will keep coaches from seeing Council at his projected college positions too much.

"He will play quarterback probably 70 to 75 percent of the time, but he'll be over there and wideout and it is hard for teams to prepare for both his arms and his legs," Courtney said. "He is really like having a running back who can throw.

"I don't play him on defense as much as a I should because I want him fresh for offense," Courtney addded. "We do get him in there on certain important situations at either cornerback or safety."

Council said it is the high school season that he is focused on right now.

"My goals are to win conference and state, too," Council said. "I want to get bigger and stronger by spending a lot of time in the weight room. I've been working hard."

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