Sunday Grid Update, 8/5

Arkansas made it through the second day of fall workouts with no serious injuries, but dehydration and cramps were a concern on a hot afternoon on the practice field.

Arkansas worked for about 90 minutes with an emphasis on the two-minute drill to end the day. There were no injuries, but several players had trouble with cramps and dehydration on the hot, humid afternoon.

"It was a good day," head coach Houston Nutt said. "We came out here and had another good day."

Nutt wasn't pleased with all aspects of the workout, though. He had one period re-started when receivers dropped four straight passes.

"We just weren't focusing there and I asked that we start that session over," he said. "We did better after that. The concentration was better after that."

The head coach said the offensive execution improved over Saturday's opening workout.

"We threw it and caught it a lot better today," he said.

Nutt had praise for several newcomers. He liked the way fullback/H-back D. J. Williams "caught the ball. He made some outstanding catches. Bret Harris had a good day. I liked what Isaac Madison and Ramon Broadway did at cornerback. Those are players who are stepping up.

"On the offensive line, Grant Cook had a good day at center. We moved Mike Moffitt to center, too, and we put Joey Crossland at guard. That's a big body (Crossland) and moving him to guard will take some things off of him. It's an experiment right now."

Asked for more detail about the new linemen on both sides of the ball, Nutt said, "Let me wait until we put on the pads. You can tell so much more about linemen when you start hitting. We are in gym class sort of right now and everyone is going to look good. Pads tell you more."

Nutt said he saw some good things in the two-minute drill. Quarterback Nathan Emert displayed a nice touch during that session.

"We did some of it well expecially after not having worked on it since spring drills like that," he said. "But we can get better. We have to make improvement."

Nutt said Alex Tejada continues to display solid accuracy in placements.

"He's been accurate and the ball is coming off his foot," he said. "He has a strong leg. Barrett Reynolds did a nice job the last two days on deep snaps."

Nutt said there has been some work on kickoffs, but not in team segments.

"Alex had a good leg," he said. "In the stadium, he was kicking off between the five and the goal line (from the 30) and about every third one was into the end zone. He's got a strong leg."

In other areas of special teams, the Hogs worked on a tandem set of punt returners. Among the twosomes taking turns were Peyton Hillis-Reggie Fish, Darren McFadden-Felix Jones and Jerell Norton-Michael Smith. There was extensive work during two different periods catching punts. Jeremy Davis displayed a strong leg again on punts for the second straight day.

Nutt said he saw good things from surgically rehabbed starters Marcus Harrison, Michael Grant and Freddie Fairchild for the second straight day.

"Those three are doing fine," Nutt said. "They are doing a lot of things."

Harrison said he felt "real well" after the two workouts.

"Really, I'm doing as good or better than I thought," Harrison said. "I'm doing a lot of coaching, too. Coach Nutt, Coach (Reggie) Herring and Coach (Tracy) Rocker told me that I should not try to do too much, but I've tried to stay in there and do it all.

"I'm really trying to help the younger players. Someone helped me when I was a freshman. I thought the freshman linemen slacked off the first day so I got on them last night and before this workout. I told them that this is bigger than high school. We are playing for it all. We are going for something bigget than a state championship here and practices are different.

"I had to talk to them a little bit and I kept after them during the practice. That's my role and I'm going to do that to help this team.

"The coaches want me to work through this in a cautious way. But so far that hasn't been a problem. I'm just going to do all that I can.

"I've had a little friendly competion with Grant. He came back pretty fast from his surgery and I beat him. I've pushed it pretty hard. He's told me how it went for him and I've used that in my rehab."

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