Healing Pick

University of Arkansas quarterback commit Kale Pick is working through his season-ending injury and leaning toward graduating at mid-term and going through spring practice with the Razorbacks.

At his last University of Arkansas game, Dodge City (Kan.) High quarterback Kale Pick talked about what a great season he was looking forward to having.

At last Saturday's one, the Razorback commit was sporting a cast on his broken right thumb, an injury that happened in the first half of his first game this season and ended his campaign.

"I have put it behind me a little bit," Pick said. "It bothers me most right before we go on the field because I want to be out there playing. But I just have to move on."

Pick (6-2, 200, 4.55) initially didn't think it was that big a deal and thought it was just a sore thumb.

"We went to a local hospital and they said you have broken your thumb and you need to go see this hand specialist in Wichita," Pick said. "He said we needed to go ahead and have the surgery right away."

He will have the hard cast off soon and has a long rehab stint ahead.

"I just have to start squeezing stuff, gripping stuff and get the strength back in there," Pick said. "In two weeks I get my hard cast off and get a removeable one and that is when I will get to start rehab and do that for 10 weeks or so."

The injury has pick thinking that he almost definitely enroll at Arkansas at mid-term and be able to go through spring practice.

"It definitely does," Pick said. "I want to get back on the field. I am pretty sure that is what I am going to do now."

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