Thursday Grid Update, 9/27

Arkansas had its final day on the practice field before Saturday's game with North Texas. Houston Nutt said the team is "anxious" to play a game.

Arkansas worked on the two-minute drill and special teams and other special situations as prepareations for Saturday's nonconference game with North Texas came to a close.

"It was a good concentration day," Arkansas coach Houston Nutt said. "We worked hard on all situations. We had a good mental day.

"As a team, it will be good to be back on the field. That's the medicine our team needs, to be back on the field and to play a game.

"We worked on as many situations. We worked on things that come up in a game, down and distance, time and score. You do it time and time again, over and over."

Nutt was asked if the team would play with an anger in the game.

"I don't think anger is the right word," he said. "We want them to be hungry. Who ever is hurting, who ever isn't happy right now, multiply that times 100 and that is what you have with the players and coaches right now. No one wants to do it more than the players and coaches."

Nutt was asked about the week's performance by reserve running back Brandon Barnett.

"He's done well and had a good week," Nutt said. "He's real quick and runs low to the ground. What we want to see in a game is how he handles contact. I'm anxious to see that.

"He got a lot of work this week, especially (Tuesday) when Darren McFadden wasn't out here."

Assistant coach Bobby Allen said the cornerbacks worked hard all week -- with extra time before and after practice -- on fundamentals.

"We aren't just working on one thing, but everything, all fundamentals," he said. "We have put in some drills, as we do every week, on playing the ball, turning and finding it. We do that all weeks and we've emphasized it again this week.

"But that's not all we need work on. We need the work on fundamentals, lining up in the right spots. We've covered all of that and had a good week of practice. It's about coming to work every day and these guys have done that with a very good attitude."

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