Wednesday Grid Update, 10/17

Arkansas worked in shorts, shells and helmets in preparation for Ole Miss. Defensive coordinator Reggie Herring knows the Hogs will see a balanced Rebel offense.

Arkansas worked in shells, shorts and helmets on Wednesday. Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt and defensive coordinator Reggie Herring both liked what they saw.

"We had a good day," Nutt said. "We had good concentration, good effort and it was a good day. Our focus has been good this week."

Herring, who meets with the media after Wednesday workouts, called it a good day. He said Tuesday's practice was very good. However, he said the way this team has practiced and other teams isn't always an indication of what will happen in a game.

"You can't always tell," he said. "This team has had weeks where they have done well and haven't done as well in games, and just the opposite, too. So I will say we have to wait to see how they are going to perform."

Nutt said Marcus Monk, senior wideout, had his best practice. Monk has been out since surgery during August workouts.

"I don't know if he's 75, 80, 90 percent," Nutt said of Monk. "I'm not good at putting a number on those type of things. I know he was better today. He got in some one-on-one drills (against defensive backs) and that's the first time we've seen that. He's getting closer."

Herring said the Arkansas defense will be tested by a good Ole Miss offense, a unit that features three speedy wideouts, a strong running back and an improving quarterback.

"Seth Adams has shown a lot of poise and he will go down the field," Herring said of the Ole Miss signal caller. "Last year, Ole Miss had a good running game, but they were one dimensional. This Ole Miss team goes deep a lot. They take a lot of shots down the field. That is going to be the big part of this game, can our cornerbacks cover the deep ball.

"We've been better at that, not giving up cheap points, not giving up the deep ball the last three weeks. That's the challenge this week."

Herring said he's seen good attitude from the players despite the 0-3 SEC start, but knows something has to happen fast in the win column.

"We are trying to get over the hill, get over the top," he said. "Here's the thing this week, do we finally get over the top, or do we get to the cliff and fall. This is a big game.

"I know what kind of a game it's going to be, a brawl. Both teams need a victory. I know we are hungry and I know Ole Miss is hungry.

"I've watched a lot of film of Ole Miss and they've moved the ball on good teams. They've moved it on Alabama and Florida. They haven't always put it in the end zone, but they've come very close against those teams and could have beaten them. Last year, they didn't have the balanced threat they have this year. They have a real threat on offense."

Darren McFadden said the Hogs have had a good start to the work week, too. He said he's "at 100 percent physically."

Asked if last week's low rushing total against Auburn put a dent in his Heisman Trophy hopes, McFadden said, "Probably so, but that's not something I care about. What I care about is working hard and getting a victory this week. Nothing else matters right now."

Asked if he would like to operate the Wildhog formation more, he said, "That's something that I like to do, so yes, it would be fine with me. But we are going to do our best with whatever we need to do to win this game. I think we've worked hard this week and that's the main thing. What we can do is work as hard as we can in practice and then play our hardest in the game. I think that's what you'll see this week."

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