Tuesday Grid Update, 10/30

Arkansas will have its starting quarterback back on the field against South Carolina. Casey Dick said he was fine after Tuesday's workout.

Casey Dick was back at practice Tuesday, apparently full speed. Marcus Monk practiced, but may be a little sore after playing 27 snaps against Florida International.

Dick was knocked out of the game in the second quarter after taking a blind-side hit on a blitz in a passing situation. The junior quarterback said he felt fine on Tuesday.

"I was a little sore the last two days, but I'm fine now, feeling great," he said. "I'm not sore. I have no pain in my ribs."

Dick said trainers and doctors quizzed him hard about "what I know" on Saturday checking him for the effects of a mild concussion.

"They were trying to find out what I know and if I had forgotten anything," he said. "I remembered it all. They tried to find out really hard if I forgot anything.

"That is probably the hardest hit I've ever taken playing football. But I'm fine now. I thought we had a good Tuesday practice today.

"It was good to get back out here on the practice field. The thing that happened on that hit Saturday was that I got the breath knocked out of me. My ribs were sore for a little while, but I'm fine now. That was a good, clean hit. It did a number on me."

That was the consensus from the head coach and the offensive coordinator.

"We had a good Tuesday practice," said head coach Houston Nutt. "We had a real good day. The guys really came out and practiced well. It's obvious they know we are jumping back into practice. Concentration was at a high level."

Offensive coordinator David Lee said the Hogs had a productive day.

"We had a very good Tuesday workout," he said. "I thought Casey looked good today. This was a good Tuesday workout for him. I thought he had a good Tuesday practice last week, but a better Wednesday and Thursday. Today's (practice) was better for him than (last Tuesday)."

Lee said Monk, who caught two passes last week, seemed as though his "leg was a little tight. To be honest, the best he has been so far was in pre-game warmups before the game (against FIU). Wil he get back to that level by the end of the week? I hope so. We'll have to see."

Nutt said both Dick and Monk had good workouts.

"I thought they practiced well," he said. "Marques Wade was sick with a (flu) bug and London Crawford was limping, but Casey and Monk had good days."

Asked how the snaps were split between Casey Dick and Nathan Emert, his backup, Nutt said, "Casey got about 60 to 65 percent. That's how it's been, about 60-40."

Asked if he would go to Emert if things did not go well against South Carolina, Nutt said, "We are proud of the way Nathan (Emert) played in the game, but Casey is our starter. At the same time, we will play the guy who is moving the team. We are not reluctant to play Nathan."

Nutt said Darren McFadden continues to get better after sore ribs slowed him in the last month.

"He's tough," Nutt said. "That's what we've always said about him. He's also unselfish."

Nutt said he thinks McFadden is still in the thick of the Heisman Trophy race and will have some good games the rest of the way.

"He never complains and that's what makes him a great player, his attitude," he said. "He's got a great attitude."

Lee said he sees more speed and quickness in McFadden's practices of late.

"We hope we'll get the same thing we did in the Alabama game," Lee said. "Darren put the team on his shoulders and carried it. He might do that again this week. We'd like to get that from him again."

Lee said he's been "very impressed" with the South Carolina defense, especially the secondary.

"That's the strength of their team," he said. "They shut down Tennessee's passing game in the second half. They allow 27 percent conversions on third down for the season. You saw them cover Tennessee really well in the second half. They had no one open in the second half. That's their coverage."

Arkansas cornerback Matterral "Red" Richardson knows that the Carolina offense is good, too.

"They have an NFL coach in Coach (Steve) Spurrier," he said. "Everything they do is NFL. We watched the game from last year against us today. They have very good wide receivers, but they can run the ball, too. We know they run to pass and they pass to run.

"They have two good quarterbacks. We remember what (Blake) Mitchell did to us last year. They lost Sidney Rice, but they still have several very good wide receivers. We know we are going to face a tough offense.

"And, we also know they are bringing a good defense, too. Our defense goes against the other team's offense, but we pay attention to the other defense, too. When they are like South Carolina, that is a challenge to us. We know it's going to be another good defense on the field and it means we have to match it. So we are aware of that."

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