After Further Review: McFadden at 321

Darren McFadden's rushing total against South Carolina was changed to 34 carries for 321 yards after a review of game film. That tied him with Vanderbilt's Frank Mordica for the single game SEC record.

A 3-yard run in the first half originally credited to Darren McFadden actually belonged to Felix Jones, a review of game tape on Sunday revealed.

There was also an error made on the spot of the ball on the game's first play, just before McFadden's first carry. The correction there gave McFadden (and the Hogs) an additional yard.

So instead of beating Mordica's record (as originally thought), McFadden and the Vandy back will share the mark at 321.

The stats released just after the game put McFadden at 323 yards. So on Sunday, he lost 3 yards, then gained 1 yard back to go to 321. Officially, McFadden rushed 34 times for 321 yards. Jones' stats changed to 13 carries for 166 yards.

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