Hogs can't move chains

Tennessee played to the magic level and Arkansas did not. That was some of what happened in the Vols' 34-13 SEC football victory in Neyland Stadium.

It may be that when Arkansas coaches look at the film Sunday, they won't find many noteworthy performances in a 34-13 loss to Tennessee.

David Lee didn't need to wait for confirmation. The UA offensive coordinator was ready to point the finger, at himself.

"Our quarterbacks didn't play well," Lee said. "And, that's on me. That's my area.

"And, I didn't do a good job. We didn't move the ball in the first half."

Lee, who coaches quarterbacks and calls plays, didn't see many positives in a first half that the Hogs lost by 20-3. He said the Vols hammered the WildHog formation featuring tailback Darren McFadden.

"They were on our stuff, so we had to get out of it at halftime and go back to base personnel, two backs and a tight end," he said. "It was obvious what they have been working on. They hadn't practiced on our base and we moved it some in that in the second half."

The Hogs had converted on 47 percent of their third downs in their first nine games and the UT defense had been victimized 39 percent of the time on third down. But, Arkansas missed on all five-third down chances in the first half.

On those plays, the Hogs made 1, 3, minus 2, 6 and 4 yards. They wouldn't convert a third down until the 4:28 mark of the third quarter and finished with two of 12.

"We've been really good on those," quarterback Casey Dick said. "We didn't execute and Tennessee did. Their defense was really good and was ready to play."

Were the Hogs ready to play?

"I thought we were at the start, but when we couldn't do anything in the first quarter we probably went down in emotion after that," fullback Peyton Hillis said. "We hit some passes early, but didn't get first downs. When we didn't execute, it took us down.

"What I saw is that everything Tennessee did was right and everything we did was wrong."

Lee said it was a matter of Tennessee playing at a sky-high level and the Hogs not matching it.

"They play really, really well in their stadium, very good at home," he said. "I've been in this place before. They have great tradition here and they play berserk here. We didn't get up to that point like they did. You have to be ready for that and we weren't. They got off blocks and made plays against us. Give them credit.

"In this league, some days you have it and others you don't. Teams take turns beating each other. We didn't have it this week and Tennessee did. Tennessee got the momentum and kept it."

Did the Vols whip the Hogs up front?

"I think we got them some and they got us some," said senior guard Robert Felton. "But whatever it was, we couldn't get our traditional Arkansas offense going."

The Hogs lost Felix Jones to a deep thigh bruise early in the game. What did that do to both the physical and mental state of the Hogs?

"Anytime you lose a player like that, it's a blow," Felton said.

Hillis said, "I didn't know he wasn't out there until halftime. Obviously, at that point it effects you mentally. But I didn't know it in the first half."

Defensively, the Hogs didn't give up a lot of big plays early, but couldn't get any stops, either. They hurt themselves with penalties — three on Tennessee's drive to a touchdown to start the game.

"I was offside twice in that drive," end Malcolm Sheppard said. "They had a formation that kind of was in a ‘V' with the tackles off the line a little, maybe a couple of yards. I got in what has been my usual distance from my man, 2 yards I thought. But it turned out that was in the neutral zone.

"You want to be close enough to do something with them and if you aren't, it puts them in the advantage. It turns out I hurt my team. That was good on Tennessee's part. They got me. I let my team down. I can't erase it. I did it."

Others did, too. There were other neutral zone, holding and personal foul penalties.

"Early, we had shoddy tackling and we were undisciplined," said Reggie Herring, defensive coordinator. "We created a lot of problems for ourselves. Basically, the penalties, that's being undisciplined.

"I've got no answer for lining up offside. That goes under being undisciplined."

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