Tuesday Grid Report, 10/15

After losing Keith Turner to a dislocated hip in the Auburn game, Arkansas looked for help at defensive end in Tuesday's workout.

Arkansas worked for a little over two hours in a physical session on the grass practice fields. It was obvious that the defensive coaches were looking for backups at defensive end and tackle after injuries hit the Hogs in their 38-17 victory over Auburn.

"We got started a little slow today, and I hope we have a better workout on Wednesday," said head coach Houston Nutt. "We need to improve because Kentucky is a very good team. They are solid on offense, defense and in the kicking game. It's obvious that Coach Morriss has gotten them playing really well."

The Hogs looked at Brandon Holmes, Chase Pressley and Wes Murphy at defensive end. The Hogs lost end Keith Turner for the season with a dislocated hip in the Auburn game.

"We talked to Brandon about playing some defensive end on the plane trip back from Auburn," Wommack said. "He looked pretty good there today. Bobby Allen and Houston (Nutt) said that he was a fine linebacker in high school, and was a good tackler. He's looked good tackling on kickoff teams."

Both Nutt and Wommack said Holmes was receptive to the mood.

"He told us that he would do anything he could to help our team," Wommack said. "Will we use him at defensive end this week? We'll have to see how he practices the rest of the week. He can rush the passer. He looked good doing that. He has some explosion and he's strong."

As far as pulling the redshirts off Pressley or Murphy, Wommack said it was too early to tell.

"I'd say we'd go with Holmes and then if we lose someone else, then we'd have to get Chase or Wes ready," Wommack said. "I'll say this; they've looked good on the scout team according to our offensive coaches. That's something we will look at as we go through the week."

Nose tackle Raymond House did not dress out for Tuesday's workout, and was wearing a "boot" cast on his high ankle sprain.

"We'll know more Wednesday or Thursday on Raymond," Wommack said. "We'll wait to see on him. I couldn't say today if he is going to play. We are planning things like we won't have him. We looked at James Johnson there today. We are getting him ready."

It appears that House's injury means more snaps for Pervis Osborne and Scott Summers.

"I think we saw that they can help us in the Auburn game," Wommack said. "We just have to keep getting guys ready for depth. You don't know when you are going to lose someone else."

Nutt said Kentucky's defense presents some problems because of the solid play of the two interior tackles.

"Those two guys are very good, very sound," Nutt said. "They make their defense better. They are as good as we are going to see at defensive tackle. They play very physical."

Offensively, Wommack said the Kentucky running game is solid.

"The thing you notice is that they are physical in the running game," Wommack said. "The running back is special. He is physical. That's what jumped out at me in the tape I watched. Of course, Jared Lorenzen is very good. Our players were impressed with him on tape. He'll play in the NFL. He's big, mobile and he makes plays with people hanging on him. He's like Rohan Davey in that respect. You better get two or three guys on him if you want to bring him down."

In the offensive line, the Hogs continued to practice without right guard Mark Bokermann.

"He didn't do anything today, so I don't know about him," said line coach Mike Markuson. "We are going like we don't have him. He might be able to do something on Wednesday, but I don't know."

At tailback, Cedric Cobbs returned to practice after missing the Auburn game.

"He practiced, but it's still bothering him," Nutt said. "Turf toe is a tough injury to get well. He's not full speed yet. We'll have to see him as our week procedes."

Shane Collins continued to practice at linebacker after coming back from knee surgery in the spring. Wommack said he has not received clearance for contact and isn't sure he is available for game duty yet.

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