Lee Replaces Horton As RB Coach For A Day

FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas' coaches have had to adjust on the fly over the past few weeks, and they did it again Friday morning.

Offensive coordinator David Lee took on the additional role of coaching the tailbacks during practice because running backs coach Tim Horton was out of town recruiting with newly hired Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino.

Horton is expected to also miss today's practice as he continues to travel around the state with Petrino, visiting those recruits who have already committed to Arkansas.

"He'll be there next week coaching," Arkansas interim coach Reggie Herring said of Horton. "He's just going to miss today and tomorrow recruiting because Petrino needed him for obvious reasons."

Lee typically coaches the quarterbacks in practice, but he moved over Friday to work with running backs Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, as well as fullback Peyton Hillis.

At one point, Lee lined up as a defender and chased after Jones and Hillis during a practice drill. But the coaching shakeup is only temporary.

"We know we're getting (Horton) back, so it's a moot point really," Herring said.

On the Move?

Arkansas interim defensive coordinator Louis Campbell admits he's not sure what his future holds or where he'll be working next season.

Five Arkansas assistant coaches have agreed to join former coach Houston Nutt at Ole Miss, but Campbell is not one of them.

It's still a possibility that Campbell could end up with the Rebels in some capacity, but he insisted he's not worrying about his future until after the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 1.

"If there is a coach that knows what his future holds, he's either lying or he doesn't belong on this side of the sun," Campbell said, laughing. "But all my focus is on the bowl game, and when the bowl game is over, I'll see what's there."

Spreading Virus

Arkansas strong safety Matt Hewitt continued to miss practice because of a pink eye that has spread throughout the team.

Cornerback Matterral Richardson missed practice Wednesday because of pink eye, and defensive end Antwain Robinson has also come down with the virus.

"Right now, we have a rash of pink eye on the team, and that's a virus," Herring said. "It's like as soon as we get one guy OK with pink eye, another one walks into (Arkansas athletic trainer) Dean (Weber's) office with pink eye."

But Herring said not enough players have been affected so far that it has slowed down practice.

Meanwhile, wide receiver Marcus Monk was held out of practice as precaution because of his seasonlong knee injury.

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