Felton sees no changes in coaches

Robert Felton doesn't see anything different from his coaches for bowl practices. It's loud and intense inside Walker Pavilion.

Robert Felton didn't expect anything new for bowl practices and he hasn't been disappointed. Mike Markuson is the same as always.

"I think what you get from Coach Markuson is the same every single day," Felton said. "He's going to yell at you and he's going to be on you hard. He's been just as loud and intense in our practices this past two weeks as he was during the last four years."

Markuson is slated to join Houston Nutt on the Ole Miss staff when the Hogs are done with their bowl trip to Dallas.

"Coach Markuson has yelled at me just as much the last few days," Felton said. "Nothing has changed with him or any of the other coaches."

Felton has stayed at offensive left tackle for the bowl, the same position he played since the Mississippi State game.

"That's the plan, play left tackle," Felton said. "It's about the same, except the ends are probably faster that I'm going against than the inside guys when I was at guard."

NFL scouts have been studying Felton at practice on a daily basis since his move to tackle.

"That's something I believe they like in me, versatility," Felton said. "Anytime you can show an NFL scout something different, it's probably good.

"I know this is an important game for me. The scouts I've talked to say they take the bowl film and watch it first, then work back. The game closest to the draft is the most important. So it's a big game for me and the rest of the seniors. You are trying to prove something every time you take the field and it's most important at the bowl.

"I'm a Texas guy (as a Houston native) so this was going to be big for me anyway. I've never been to the Cotton Bowl. I've been to Dallas a lot, but never to the Cotton Bowl. I'll have to make sure to catch the bus each day because I'm not sure how to find it. I'm looking forward to it and it's big for me since I am from Texas. My family is excited that this is our game.

"I haven't played a game in my college career in Texas. I'm happy this is it. I got to make the trip to Austin my redshirt freshman season when we beat Texas. But I didn't play. I was just a cheerleader. This is big for me."

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