Spring Fun?

Arkansas fans could get the opportunity to see a real Spring game if things come off as new head coach Bobby Petrino envisions.

Those looking for a true spring game might just get their wish under new University of Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino.

While uncertain of exactly what he would do, Petrino explained what he had done in the past.

"I am going to sit down and really evaluate that, but what we have done in the past is put the ones together as a team, the 2s together as a team and played it like a game – particulary for the first half and then ran the clock in these second half," Petrino said. "We'll see if that is the right thing to do."

There have been several complaints about recent spring games that were more like practices than games and which feature the star players in green jerseys and deemed untouchable.

Petrino did caution that there are several factors that play into that decision on an event that has usually gone hand-in-hand with Razorfest – which features former players on hand for autographs and other fanfare.

"Sometimes you have to make the decision during the middle of spring ball on where you are health-wise and where you are team-wise," Petrino said. "Sometimes you need to use that game as another practice and a chance to get better. But if we can run it like a game, that is really what I would like to do."

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