Motivation for Cotton Bowl

End of the day, bottom line -- players care for Reggie Herring. Arkansas players care for their interim coach

There has been a lot of sentiment expressed that the players want to do well in the Cotton Bowl in part because of their love for interim head coach Reggie Herring. That may in fact be the case, but most players were not expressing it as a crusade for their coach as they broke Thursday for the Christmas holidays.

"We all like Coach Herring a lot," senior linebacker Weston Dacus said. "But I think for the seniors, we are probably more focused on the fact that it's our last game. That's what we are thinking about the most.

"Now, when we get down there to Dallas, maybe we'll get emotional then for Coach Herring. That's not what he's asked us to do and I don't know what it will be like then. But we are thinking more about it being our last game here than anything else."

Dacus is probably closer than most since Herring is his position coach. He's learned a lot from Herring. He may be best equipped to deliver a take on Herring's best lines.

"I don't know if I have a favorite story on Coach Herring," Dacus said. "I know he is a very good motivator. We all love him and like to be around him. He's made it fun for us during our bowl practices.

"What I know about him the most is that he doesn't sugar coat anything. You know where you stand with Coach Herring. There is no BS. You are never going to be confused on if he thinks you had a good or bad day. He's going to tell you.

"He's got a few things that he says a lot, like bottom line and end of the day. You hear that a lot from him. What I will remember the most he's said to me is pretty simple: Dacus, stop loafing!!!! He's said that a lot!"

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