Hillis Frustrated With His Performance

FAYETTEVILLE — Peyton Hillis didn't have anything positive to say about his workout during Arkansas' first Pro Day on Tuesday morning.

The former Arkansas fullback said he ran a slower 40-yard dash than he had hoped. He also dropped two passes during position drills and slipped while taking part in other drills inside Arkansas' indoor facility.

"This was a bad day for me, a bad day and a bad day to have it," Hillis said. "I ran a bad 40. I did everything bad. I'm not too happy."

NFL scouts didn't release Hillis' times in the individual drills, but his performance apparently didn't meet his high expectations.

"I just think I didn't show anything. I don't know, maybe it was having to do things right after Darren (McFadden) and Felix (Jones)," Hillis said. "They are All-Americans and they are tough to follow."

But one NFL scout who attended the Pro Day said he didn't see anything that should hurt Hillis' draft status. The Conway native has been projected anywhere from the first or second round to the fourth or fifth.

Mending Monk

ESPN NFL analyst Chris Mortensen said he believes former Arkansas wide receiver Marcus Monk helped himself out the most during Tuesday's Pro Day.

Monk said his legs felt rested, allowing him to run the 40-yard dash and look smooth while going through pass-catching drills. He also had a 36-inch vertical jump.

It has taken months for Monk to get back to his old form. He was hampered during his senior season after needing two surgeries to repair an injury to his right knee.

"That's the main question: How is my knee? How am I doing and everything," Monk said. "But I want to let everybody know I'm back and just blessed."

Monk said his right knee is full healthy, adding that he has regained the strength in both legs.

Teams Question Jones

The biggest question NFL teams seem to have about Felix Jones is whether he can be an every-down back.

Jones didn't get the opportunity to be a featured running back while at Arkansas. He instead made his mark while splitting carries with two-time Heisman Trophy runner-up Darren McFadden.

But Jones said several NFL teams have asked him over the past few months if he's capable of being a No. 1 tailback.

"They just want to know if I'm an every-down back. It's pretty good when they ask me that because I didn't have a chance to show everybody at Arkansas," Jones said. "But once I get to a team and get a chance to show them, the team will really be happy."

Jones said he has spoken with the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two teams that already have proven running backs on their rosters.

The Tulsa native took part in several drills Tuesday morning, including the bench-press and the shuttle run. He said he bench-pressed 225 pounds 15 times, which turned out to be two reps more than McFadden, his close friend and workout buddy.

"I felt I did pretty good. I mean, there is enough room to get a lot stronger," said Jones, who has been projected as a mid-to-late first-round pick. "That'll be one of my things I'm going to work on."

First Time To Shine

Former Arkansas middle linebacker Weston Dacus wasn't invited to the NFL Combine last month, so Tuesday was his first chance to work out for scouts.

Dacus took part in every drill, and he feels he did well despite being limited during the bench-press because of a strained pectoralis muscle.

"It was huge. This was their only chance to see how fast I was laterally and in the 40 (-yard dash) and see how explosive I was," Dacus said. "I had a real good day today, and I'm satisfied and I'm ready to relax for a little while and wait to see what happens."

Dacus said he's not sure what his time was in the 40-yard dash. He bench-pressed 225 pounds 17 times, though he feels he could have done more if not for the muscle strain.

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