Wednesday Grid Report, 11/6

Arkansas continued preparations for South Carolina with a passionate battle between the offense and defense.

There was a little pushing and shoving and one serious decleating as Arkansas (5-3, 2-3) continued its preparations it's game with South Carolina (5-4, 3-3) in Columbia, S.C., this weekend.

The decleating and the pushing and shoving happened on the same play after linebacker Caleb Miller drilled running back Dedrick Poole during a scrimmage situation. Poole appeared to be slowing up and then found himself on the floor.

Poole took exception and pushed Miller back and there was some offense vs. defense pushing to enliven practice.

"The defense really flew around today and did some really good things," Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt said.

Arkansas is preparing hard for South Carolina quarterback Corey Jenkins, who was benched during last week's 18-12 home loss to Tennesse, but is still the starter.

"They try to do a lot of different things to try and get him the ball - whether it be option, power plays, isolation, draws, traps - all different kind of things," Nutt said. "We have tried to get running for that guy and it is a full-time job. They also have some big backs that can run awfully hard around some big offensive tackles."

Nutt knows South Carolina head coach Lou Holtz is working hard to motivate his team for this weekend in what will be their last home game before closing at Florida and at Clemson.

"I sure he is going to tell them this is a critical game and it is going to be the last time these seniors walk out there and I am sure he is going to build on that," Nutt said. "Put a lot of emphais on their day and go win one for the seniors."

On the injury front, cornerback Eddie Jackson jammed his wrist late in practice, but should be okay for Thursday's practice. Everyone reporting some sort of injury practiced and should be ready for the game.

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