Donley's Destiny

North Pulaski defensive tackle Carlos Donley (6-7, 300), who once weighed 350, plans to be in the best shape of his life for the 2008 football season - especially because he knows that the University of Arkansas is going to be paying attention to his progress.

North Pulaski's Carlos Donley has seen some success in both football and basketball, but now plans to put all his energy into the gridiron.

That's because defensive tackle/tight end Donley (6-7, 300) is drawing more major college interest in football, including a recent visit from University of Arkansas assistant coach Tim Horton to his school to let him know the Razorbacks are going to watch him this fall.

"I am going to concentrate on football because I think that is what is best for me when it comes to college," Donley said. "I feel like I am good in both sports, but I think that is what I have a better chance to get a big-time scholarship in."

The visit from Horton to North Pulaski certainly revved up Donley, who has worked his way down from 350 pounds as a sophomore.

"He laid it down straight to my coach," Donley said. "They are going to look at me and I just have to take care of my business. The main thing I have to work on is my grades and get out there and show them what I have got. I just have to get out there and play."

Donley is coming off a junior football season that was cut short due to a collarbone injury – which occurred when he got tackled after catching a pass.

"I played tight end and defensive tackle," Donley said. "There were some games when I had three or four sacks and I caught most of the passes thrown to me. It was straight."

Donley and North Pulaski started spring practice this past week.

"We have got some guys that are motivated and ready to work this year so we aren't going to have any of that nonsense we had last year," Donley said. "I don't even want to think about our record last year, but I think we are going to be good this year."

Donley says he is determined to be in best shape of his life by the time the 2008 football season starts.

"I am going to try and get down to 280 or 275 by the time we start the season," Donley said. "I know it is all about me getting it going and I am going to work hard."

Carlos Donley

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