Pel's Pals

Arkansas head coach John Pelphrey will host an elite group of college head basketball coaches for a roast on Monday night and a golf tournament on Tuesday and then they will all hit the recruiting trail when the July evaluation period opens on Sunday.

Razorback head basketball coach John Pelphrey will start July playing golf and end it sitting on hard bleachers evaluating talent.

He was a part of a dinner and celebrity roast (as he turns 40) on Monday for his new charity Pel's Pals.

He'll also host a golf tournament at The Blessings with a lot of elite college coaches on Tuesday and then join University of Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino In playing in the LPGA pro-am on Wednesday.

"Monday and Tuesday are big days for us," Pelphrey said. "Hopefully it will be just fun since all the hard work will be over with all the things we are trying to get in place."

He has been overwhelmed by the response to the charity, which benefit children's charties with a special emphasis on neonatal care.

Pelphrey and his wife Tracey lost their son John Patrick in 2003 after he was born with a rare blood disorder.

"It is coming together great," Pelphrey said. "The response and the support of people have just been outstanding. It was one of those things that I was really that crazy about making it public and going out to talk about it because that is not what it is about for me. But certainly we had to for some of the support we were looking to get in a big way. But because we have some of the phone calls and letters, contributions that people have made have just really been overwhelming."

He's also hosting a basketball camp this week – his second in two weeks – with an Elite Camp slated for August 1-3.

"Obviously for us, basketball camps are very important from a lot of standpoints," Pelphrey said. "But there is nothing bigger than for us to be able to be a part of the community.

"There is a lot of passion in this state about the Razorbacks," Pelphrey added, "especially the basketball program and this is a way for us to kind of give back and be a part of these young people while they have fun playing basketball."

Pelphrey said he stresses the same things to the campers that he does to his own players.

"I think the things that are important to me – working hard, what it is like to be a part of a team," Pelphrey said. "Those guys here me talking about that and that is the same thing I talk about with my basketball team –learning to be selfless, to care more about what happens to the team than myself. That is not easy to do and they need to hear it all the time."

The Razorback staff will then hit the road as the all-important July evaluation period opens Sunday.

"It starts July 6th and it is our big evaluation month for basically all of July," Pelphrey said. "We are going to be out there primarily watching the rising junior class, but within that also we will also have a chance to see a lot of the younger kids coming up through the ranks, which is obviously of huge importance to us so that we do a good job in our state. We feel like there is a lot of potential there with those things."

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