SEC Media Days Digest

FRIDAY RECAP Kentucky (Coach Rich Brooks, Defensive end Jeremy Jarmon, Receiver Dicky Lyons, Jr.)

Auburn (Coach Tommy Tuberville, Center Jason Bosley, Defensive end Sen'derrick Marks)

Arkansas (Coach Bobby Petrino, Center Jonathan Luigs, Linebacker Elston Forte)

South Carolina (Coach Steve Spurrier, Linebacker Jasper Brinkley, Receiver Kenny McKinley)

Comedy Hour

Kentucky receiver Dicky Lyons, Jr., wins the unofficial award for comedian of the week.

The senior had the media laughing during a 20-minute interview session on Friday. The big roar came after Lyons told the group he had a dream about Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Lyons, who was recently engaged, said he has had several dreams about his fiancé leaving him lately. One took place Thursday night and, in Lyons dream, he went out looking for her. When he found her he begin to "shake her and slap her" to get her attention.

"I turn around and Matt Stafford punches me in the nose," Lyons, Jr. said. "Matt Stafford goes, ‘You don't hit women.' Then all of a sudden the (former Georgia) backup quarterback, who goes to Delta State, Blake (Barnes), he comes hitting me. I'm fighting all these quarterbacks."

Lyons Jr., who knows the quarterbacks from their summer work together at the Manning Passing Academy, said he held his own.

"I was twisting their arms," he said. "I knew all of these Army Ranger moves in my dream. It was just crazy. I was laughing about it. I texted (Stafford) and said, ‘I'm dreaming about you.'"

Auburn's Arkansas Tandem

If the season started today, Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville said Fort Smith native Kodi Burns would be his starting quarterback and former Rogers High star Lee Ziemba would be his left tackle.

Tuberville hasn't settled on a starter at quarterback, but said Burns has the upperhand in Auburn's new spread offense because "he's durable. This offensive is built for a guy like him."

Tuberville had even more praise for Ziemba, who made a smooth transition as a freshman. Ziemba, who has been moved from right to left tackle, was named Friday to the media's All-SEC second-team.

"He'll start every game as long as he's at Auburn because of his tenacity," Tuberville said. "... He's the perfect offensive lineman when you go out in terms of looking at a recruit and then knowing the potential that he has."

Best Friends

Kentucky coach Rich Brooks had a one-liner of his own after being asked about his relationship with Petrino, who coached at in-state rival Louisville.

Brooks, who was 0-4 against Petrino, said there is no awkwardness. He went on to illustrate coaching relationships by bringing up another skid — the Wildcats' 23-game losing streak to Tennessee.

"You know, one of our rivals is supposed to be Tennessee as well," Brooks said. "But we haven't beaten them in so long that (Vols coach) Philip (Fulmer) and I have become pretty good friends.

"He loves the death out of me."

Recruits Are Like Women?

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is always good for a few unusual remarks during the SEC Media Days. One of them stuck out Friday.

Spurrier was asked how closely he looks at a recruit's size when considering whether to sign a player for a specific position. The Ol' Ball Coach said he's not too strict, adding that all of his linebackers are 6-foot-1 or shorter.

Spurrier then used an odd analogy to emphasize his point that he tries to sign the best available.

"We got to go with who you can, sort of like going after girls, I guess. Got to get the best you can, right?" Spurrier said. "Some of these (reporters) actually have good-looking wives, which is unusual."

Looking (Way) Ahead

Interested in 2009 SEC Media Days? Well, the conference has its dates already set for July 22-24 in the Wynfrey Hotel next summer.

And in case you're wondering, Arkansas will be one of four programs leading off the event next summer. It joins Georgia, LSU and Kentucky.

— Alex Abrams and Robbie Neiswanger

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