Tuesday Grid Report, 8/5

Arkansas split their practice between Walker Pavilion and the practice fields as severe heat forced some changes. The Hogs finished day two with a few players on the sidelines.

Arkansas tried to get the "young ones" an hour of practice in the shade Tuesday as Arkansas completed day two of fall camp Tuesday. After the first hour inside, the newcomers moved outside to work with the returnees. The entire returnees practice was outside.

Offensive coordinator Paul Petrino handled the media duties after Tuesday's practice, giving the head coach an early exit to begin grading film. He said the team handled the heat better Tuesday after some struggled in Monday's first workout. It was just slightly cooler Tuesday, but still in the 97-degree range. As was the case Monday, the Hogs took a short break at the midpoint of the workout for a cool down.

Paul Petrino said Jarius Wright, Michael Smith and De'Anthony Curtis all had nice plays.

A deciscion to move the newcomers practice inside Walker Pavilion was made in the early afternoon. Paul Petrino said, "We just had to find them some shade." The newcomers took a break after the work in Walker Pavilion before joining the returnees midway through their workout.

Several players did not practice Tuesday and Ernest Mitchell was late arriving after taking care of some class duties. Among those missing all or part of Tuesday's practices were offensive guard Kareem Crowell (shoulder), tight end Ben Cleveland (toe) and running back Brandon Barnett (knee). Split ends London Crawford (cramps) and Joe Adams (leg soreness) didn't complete the end of the workout.

"They are fine, I think," Paul Petrino said. "We just need them to get to the end of practice. Joe has to be tougher and make it all the way through it."

Paul Petrino said there have been plenty of highlights in the two days of practice, but sometimes it takes a thorough examination of film to see all of them.

"I think when you first walk off the field, you don't know everything," he said. "Then when you get to the end of the film study, maybe about midnight, you realize it wasn't as bad as you thought. We are making some good plays. Guys like Jarius Wright and Joe Adams are making plays, but sometimes you don't see everything they do until the film study, maybe winning the release moves when the ball doesn't come there way. You need to see film to see all of it so I won't know about today's practice until tonight."

Petrino said wide receiver Crosby Tuck had "a good day" Monday, better than any of his practices in the spring.

One of the better plays on the day in individual drills came when split end Rod Coleman lost a shoe on a go route and still made a touchdown catch in a battle with Darrell Glasper.

"That one was pretty sweet," quarterback Casey Dick said. "That was a nice throw by my brother (Nathan Dick). Pretty sweet. There were some really nice catches by the wide receivers."

Asked if the offense was the winner on the day, Paul Petrino declined to comment other than to say both sides have had winning plays over the first two days.

"It's a daily thing, one beating the other side and it goes back and forth during a workout," he said. "You better both be whipping the others at times for the good of the team and that is going on. I will say that both sides initially never think they were good enough."

Casey Dick said Tuesday was better than Monday from his perspective.

"I think yesterday I was pretty hyped up and was probably better today," he said. "I think what I'd say is that practice just felt better. You want to be a little hyped up because you have to be ready for every practice. Let's just say I was better today for whatever reason."

Practice may have been over, but the day was long from over for coaches and players. A typical day is so full that only about six hours are left for sleep.

"Wake up at 6, in meetings by 6:45 each morning," Dick said. "Meet until about 9, then it's class right now at 9:10. I have another summer school class from 11 until 12:15. You get lunch, then you are in meetings from 1:15 until 3 p.m. After practice, it's shower and eat. Then, it's back here for a meeting and a walk through, more studying. Then, it's back to the room about 10:15. There are things to study up until you go to sleep. You better study."

There are no real surprises. Paul Petrino said the workouts have been scripted from several weeks back, including the walk throughs in the evening.

"We've been giving them a lot and the defense is showing us a lot of new things, too," Petrino said. "It's going pretty fast and we are showing the newcomers a lot of things."

One of them is the new "jack" position in the defensive secondary, a hybrid linebacker/safety slot now shared by Walner Leandre and Brett Harris.

"I've played linebacker in high school and junior college," Leandre said. "So this is something that fits me pretty well. I knew about it some in the summer, but it's really something the coaches have gone over mostly in the last few days.

"There are some new calls and some new reads in the base defense maybe a little different than safety, but the same type of things. It's not something that we are having trouble with. We still need to learn more about it and we will. It doesn't change a whole lot because we are still in the same meeting room with our safety coach, Willy Robinson."

Linebacker coach Reggie Johnson leads his group to another drill.

London Crawford works with the ball machine.

Andrew Davie works in the early part of practice.

Malcolm Sheppard loosens up in Tuesday's workout.

Photos by Marc F. Henning

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