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Nice Threads The biggest news to come out of Arkansas' Media Day had nothing to do with Bobby Petrino, freshmen, linebackers or X's and O's.

It was all about the jerseys.

Arkansas officially unveiled its new adidas uniforms in the Broyles Center when players spoke with the media Tuesday. And the traditional red home jerseys will have some notable differences this fall. The biggest include white numbers outlined in black, a thin white line that angles across the shoulders, and a white stripe that cuts down the sides.

"(Equipment manger) Tim Cheney did a great job of getting a whole bunch of samples in here," Petrino said. "We went through them and made sure we tried to carry on as much tradition as you can. But I always feel like the players need to be in something that they feel comfortable about, feel good about."

Talk of new apparel has been swirling since Southeastern Conference Media Days, when Petrino told reporters the new digs would be "tight."

The players didn't sound disappointed Tuesday.

"It's real cool," defensive tackle Malcolm Sheppard said. "Hopefully we can look good and play better."

So Long Mustache

Arkansas defensive coordinator Willy Robinson sounded like he lost his best friend Tuesday. But it was understandable, considering Robinson had just shave off the mustache that had covered his face for years just before the Razorbacks opened practice this week.

"I didn't fit in with my mustache," Robinson said when asked about the noticeable change. "I miss my mustache, but I didn't have the look."

The statement stirred plenty of laughter from the room, but Robinson said he was serious. He came to the conclusion the mustache needed to go after an athletic department meeting last week. Robinson said the two phrases that were repeated throughout the meeting were "projection" and "perception" and he wanted a look that matched the rest of the program.

"I want to have that projection," Robinson said. "I want to have that perception. I don't want to be somebody that doesn't look of the quality that we're looking to strive for in this program."

Busy Day

Want to know who Arkansas' most popular players are in 2008? Media Day is typically a good indicator.

Quarterback Casey Dick took the title after being penciled in for 21 interviews Tuesday. Center Jonathan Luigs wasn't far behind with 19.

Both players were among the last to leave the lower level of the Broyles Center on Tuesday morning.

Say Cheese

Arkansas Media Day is typically filled with players and coaches posing for pictures for media outlets.

But the Razorbacks turned the tables on the media Tuesday — somewhat.

Arkansas asked each member of the media to pose for a picture during the event. The official explanation was that it was a project the university was conducting to help the new faces in the football program familiarize themselves with media members.

Answer the Question

The Morning News asked players a series of random and questions at Tuesday's Media Day to see what their responses would be. And just like in past years, the players certainly didn't disappoint.

Answers will be revealed in The Morning News' annual football tab, which will be available on Aug. 24. But below are a few examples of the responses:

The Morning News: What player on the team do you want to stay on their good side?

Safety Rashaad Johnson: "(Tight end) Andrew Davie. You don't ever want to make that dude mad, he'll beat you up."

TMN: Now that Darren McFadden is gone, who on the team has the most pimp ride?

Running back Michael Smith: "There's no question that it's Isaac Madison's car. His ride is so nice."

TMN: If you could pick any Olympic sport to compete in, which one would it be?

Offensive lineman Mitch Petrus: "You know, I'm about 6-foot-4 and weigh over 300, but I'd still have to say the balance beams. I'd be all over that."

— Robbie Neiswanger, Alex Abrams and Nathan Allen

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