Saturday Morning Grid Update, 8/9

The start wasn't what Bobby Petrino wanted so sprints were the remedy Saturday morning. Saturday was the first day of two-a-days for the Razorbacks.

Two-a-days began on Saturday, but Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino didn't like the start of the day. It didn't take long for a correction to take place in the morning workout.

"We were a little lackadaisical at the start, so Coach Petrino corrected that," tailback Michael Smith said. "We got things right after that. We didn't come out practicing right, so he ran us. I don't how many sprints we ran. I just put my head down and didn't count. It was quite a few times."

Tight end Ben Cleveland said things didn't start right beginning with morning breakfast. He said some players were late for breakfast, and a few were late to meetings.

"This is Coach Petrino's camp and it better go a certain way, we know that," Cleveland said. "Some of it is fun, but a lot of it is a grind. We needed a wake up call this morning after some guys were late. He sent us a message when we got out here with the sprints."

Andrew Davie, veteran tight end and the oldest team member, said it shouldn't have been needed.

"Some guys didn't have it together and we are going to have a talk," Davie said. "He tried to get across to us this morning what needs to happen. Yes, this is the start of two-a-days, yes, it's a grind. But you don't pace yourself. You push yourself and get through it. You go as hard as you can in everything there is. It's not a whole bunch of days. You have to know it's a grind and push forward.

"Coach Petrino talked to us after this morning's workout about what it's like to be mentally tough. I'm sure there was some bright spots today, but the message we got after this morning workout was that it wasn't good enough. We have a long ways to go. It wasn't one of our better practices."

One of the highlights was a deep pass juggled, then hauled in by wide receiver London Crawford. The split end reached the pass with his left hand then, snagged it with his right. He said all of the work he's done with Coach Paul Petrino on the "jugs" machine is paying off.

"We do a lot of ball work, before practice, during practice and after practice," he said. "We try to work on straight on passes, and across our body on the jugs machine. That's where you learn to catch."

Cleveland was a frequent target when he was with the second group. He's getting more and more repetitions in team segments.

"I wasn't out here this spring so I have a lot to learn in this offense," he said. "I'm just trying to do as well as I can so they hopefully think they can include me in the packages, maybe draw up some plays with me, D. J. Williams and Andrew Davie. I've gotten a few more reps the last couple of days."

Williams sat out the morning workout with a minor injury. Another injury has forced a change in the front four. Freshman Jake Bequette sat out the workout with Van Stumon moving from tackle to end. He got some snaps with the first unit Monday morning. He said he was told Friday afternoon to be ready for such a move. Stumon has played linebacker, fullback, tackle and end in his time at the UA. He said he's open to anything.

"End is fine," he said. "The coaches plugged me in there today and I am just trying to give a good effort."

Smith said the Hogs are getting good effort from their freshmen backs, but they have more to learn.

"The young ones are really trying hard," Smith said. "But there is a lot to this and they still have more to get down. They are starting to understand, but the intensity is what they have to still get. It's at another level. They are giving the effort to get there. Just everything they do needs to be a little more intense."

Chip Gregory got a lot of repetitions at running back in the team segment, but had two fumbles during his extended play.

Bobby Petrino puts his team through wind sprints early in practice.

Linebacker Jerry Franklin works Saturday morning.

Michael Smith takes a handoff from backfield coach Tim Horton.

Paul Petrino shouts instruction during a drill.

Malcolm Sheppard works while Lavunce Askew (99) waits for his turn.

Photos by Marc F. Henning

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