Monday Grid Update, 8/11

After reviewing scrimmage film, Arkansas quarterbacks know they need better concentration from start to finish.

It was another damp, cool day in the Ozarks, but Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino didn't let the elements slow down fall football camp. In the first of two workouts (this one in shoulder pads and shorts) the Hogs practiced through moderate showers for over two hours Monday morning.

Quarterback coach Garrick McGee said his six-man group continued to work on improving its concentration after a less than perfect Sunday morning scrimmage.

"We had a better day as far as concentration today," McGee said. "But we still have a long ways to go. Quarterback is a position that demands focus and concentration from start to finish. You win and lose at the end of games because of concentration and focus. We didn't have it yesterday after a very good start. We were better this morning, but we still need to concentrate.

"You don't concentrate all the way to the end of the game, you make a mistake, the defense takes advantage and you aren't going to win the game. A lot of our games are going to come down to what we do at the end. Quarterback is the position you have to make it to the very end with great concentration."

While the offense was grinding Monday because of lapses in the second half of the scrimmage, the defense was trying to do better from start to finish, too. On that side of the ball, much of the mistakes in Sunday's scrimmage came early.

"We didn't start very fast," said assistant coach Bobby Allen, who handles the defensive tackles. "We gave up big plays right at the start. The offense did a great job, but we didn't handle our assignments correctly on defense."

That started in the front of the defense and continued to the back on the same plays.

"We had busts up front and we weren't getting to the ball, either," Allen said. "Malcolm Sheppard was in too wide of a stance, not in his gap for the long (Michael Smith) run. We also had some mis-alignments in short yardage situations. We stress being in the proper gaps and we weren't there because of stance and alignment.

"I think we did play a little better in the second half and handled our assignments better. But you can't make those fundamental mistakes in alignment and technique. We are going to see lots of backs like Michael Smith, someone who has All-America speed and a basic alignment bust means a long touchdown run. It really boils down to lining up right correctly, executing the assignment in the defense, just basic fundamental football.

"We've got other things to work on throughout the defense and that is running to the football in the back end and up front. We just have not been consistent in that area yet."

Allen said there were some individual highlights during the scrimmage. End Adrian Davis had a solid day, making plays throughout the workout.

"Zach Stadther made a few plays, including one on the goal line," Allen said. "He has shown he can do some things. Lavunce Askew is running with the twos and has had some time with the ones, too. He's still got a lot of work to get the fundamentals down."

Tight end Ben Cleveland considered to sparkle in drills and might have an opportunity for increased practice time. Junior tight end Andrew Davie went down with what appeared to be a shoulder injury during kickoff work. Tight end D. J. Williams practiced without problems after missing some work late last week.

Joe Adams returned with limited work. He joined a freshman wideout group that includes Jarius Wright, Greg Childs and Chris Gragg.

Wade Grayson continued to take the bulk of work at weakside guard with Mitch Petrus moving to the second team. That was a move that took place Friday and has held up.

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