Agent: Beverley To Play Overseas

FAYETTEVILLE — Patrick Beverley's Arkansas career officially came to an end when the guard signed with an agent this week.

Bernie Lee, who runs a Toronto-based company called Lee Basketball Services, Ltd., said Thursday he has signed Beverley as a client and the Chicago native will play professionally in Europe.

More specifically, Lee said the 6-foot-1 Beverley is looking at opportunities in Germany and Turkey. He believes the Chicago native will sign a contract with a club in the next few days.

"He is in a unique position being that he's young," Lee said of the 20-year-old Beverley. "He has established he's not returning to Arkansas. ... So instead of being available (for Europe) a year, two years from now, he's available now."

Beverley averaged 12.1 points and 6.6 rebounds as a sophomore at Arkansas and was expected to lead the Razorbacks before being ruled ineligible for the 2008-09 season earlier this month.

Beverley contemplated his options before signing with Lee, who said his client is looking forward to beginning his pro career.

Lee's also represents New Orleans Hornets guard Mike James, who spent the early part of his professional career in Europe. He said a year of experience overseas could be valuable for Beverley in his quest to eventually reach the NBA.

"It's something I've seen work," Lee said. "I hope it will happen for Patrick. ... For now it's sifting through and finding a good opportunity for him where he will be comfortable living in Europe, but also play for a team that will allow him to develop."

The move finally ends a roller coaster month loaded with speculation about Beverley's future.

Arkansas wouldn't elaborate on Beverley's ineligibility, citing student privacy laws and national media outlets initially cited academic issues as the reason for Beverley's suspension.

Beverley denied academic problems when contacted by a national media outlet, instead saying he was ruled ineligible because he broke an NCAA rule. He changed directions a little later, telling another national media outlet his ineligibility stemmed from an issue pertaining to a class paper. Beverley also hinted that enrolling at classes this year at Arkansas and being cleared to play in 2009-10 was still an option he was considering.

But the book closed with Beverley's decision to play in Europe.

"I think sometimes you have to be (ready to move on)," Lee said. "When things come up, not 100 percent expected one way or another, sometimes it's best when people involved move to the next thing."

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