Casey Feeding the Hogs

Casey Dick doesn't think the Hogs feel pressure -- not after what Bobby Petrino has put the Hogs through every day in practice.

Paul Petrino has seen "wow" before. The Arkansas offensive coordinator confirmed that Casey Dick to Chris Gragg for the 25-yard catch on fourth-and-one qualifies.

"That was a wow catch," Paul Petrino said after Arkansas fought back for a 28-27 victory Saturday night against Louisiana-Monroe.

"It was definitely wow. It was a great throw and Chris turned, made a pivot and went up and got it."

There wasn't much wow for three quarters, but the Razorbacks came alive behind Dick at the end for the second week in a row. Not all of his strikes were caught, but he kept putting them on the numbers until the Hogs caught the Warhawks.

None were better than the throw to Gragg, perhaps the forgotten man in the deep wideout rotation in the first two weeks.

"He's the guy who practiced the play in that personnel group all preseason and we practiced it a bunch this week," head coach Bobby Petrino said. "He's the one who knew that position on that play."

There was another option on the fourth-down throw to Gragg, but Dick didn't see it come open. "I looked there and then went to Chris," Dick said. "He went up and got it."

Arkansas didn't get the look or the bite from the ULM safeties.

"If you'd seen how they lined up on tape, it was a great call," Paul Petrino said. "Their safeties had been coming up in what we'd seen against that formation. But I don't think they recognized our personnel group. I think we got in and out of the huddle so fast they didn't pick up on what we were doing. When we came up to the line, I saw that the safeties were back."

Dick saw the same thing, but stayed with the pass instead of the run, the other play sent from the sideline. No pressure, ho-hum just like last week. "We were cool, just like practice," Dick said.

"Coach P puts more pressure on us than we are ever going to have in a game. This is nothing like what we do in practice. It's like, ‘Dang, guys, we've been here before.'

"We know what we are doing. We just tried to get faster in the huddle, get in and out when we were behind. That's what we do every day."

That didn't always work. Paul Petrino said that cost the Hogs a couple of 12-man penalties before the snap. He blamed the wideouts both times.

"We can't have that and we'll get better at it," he said. "One time it was London Crawford, the other time Joe Adams. We'd subbed formations and they didn't realize it. Those mistakes can't happen."

There was plenty of offensive firepower, Paul Petrino said. Looking at the stat sheet, he said, "We had 506 total offense. That ought to be 50 points. We didn't convert with what we had in offense. We have to take advantage of our opportunities, especially early in a game.

"We had some drops and they have to stop. London had one and Joe had one. That cost us two drives or we would have scored.

"The good news, the kids never flinched. It was a great victory."

Apparently, it was much more exciting at the end than the first week when the Hogs squeaked past Western Illinois.

"The first one, I think they were disappointed we didn't play better," Bobby Petrino said. "This one, they were really excited about the plays at the end."

Defensively, the Hogs did barely enough. Among the good news, defensive coordinator Willy Robinson said the Hogs tried to keep a fresh unit on the field.

"We did play more people tonight," Robinson said. "We tried to change it up every series. If you played the previous, we sat you down and went with a different group. I thought that helped us at the end.

"We gave up some plays in the third quarter and blame that on me. The calls didn't help our team in the third and I was glad the players kept going and got me off the hook. I thought we played hard and we got better tonight.

"I did think the other team made some very nice plays. The quarterback put the ball in there and they caught them. We were there on some of those.

"We still haven't gotten a turnover, but I thought we had one tonight. We caused one, just didn't get it. We have to keep trying and we'll get some."

That seems to be the attitude from Dick on the dropped passes.

"No one is perfect," Dick said. "We are going to keep going back to the receivers." The best of the lot appears to be D. J. Williams, but even he dropped one to start the winning touchdown march.

"We came back on the same route for the last one," Dick said. "We just think that D. J. is going to win on any route he runs. He gets a mismatch. You have to keep feeding him the ball."

It doesn't matter of it's throwing to D. J. Williams or Chris Gragg. Casey will keep feeding these Hogs.

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