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Fayetteville High sophomore wideout Demetrius Dean (6-03, 220) puts on quite the show Friday night in front of University of Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino and the result is an offer from the Razorbacks on Monday.

Apparently putting on a show in front of University of Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino can really pay off for a prospect.

That's just what Fayetteville sophomore Demetrius Dean (6-3, 220) did Friday night while catching 10 passes for 107 yards and three touchdowns in a 42-37 win at Jefferson City (Mo.).

The result was an offer from the Razorbacks on Monday.

"He's a great kid to start with, works so hard is very physical and just has great, great hands," Fayetteville High head coach Daryl Patton said. "He's 6-2 1/2, 6-3 and about 220 pounds and just catches everything thrown to him. He has had only two drops that I can remember in about 500 or 600 passes thrown to him since the spring in practice, 7-on-7 and games."

Dean is one of a plethora of talented players on Fayetteville's squad this season including senior offensive linemen and Razorback commit Colby Berna, sophomore quarterback Brandon Allen and junior tight end Josh Hale just to name a few.

"I think this is just the first of many to come for Demetrius," Patton said. "We've got a lot of great young players, including Brandon, who is playing as well as any quarterback in the state right now and who has a lot of God-given ability. He was 14-of-18 for almost 300 yards in the first game and then 25-of-38 in the second for over 300 and probably had five or six passes that should have been caught."

Dean has become quite the weaopon in Fayetteville's first two games with 14 catches and 4 touchdowns.

"If you put a small cornerback on him, he's just too big and too physical for them to stop and if you put somebody bigger on him he will just run past you," Patton said.

Patton thinks that Dean will be a national recruit before all is said and done.

"I think Arkansas made a great decision to go ahead and offer him because not only is he going to be one of the top players in Arkansas, but also going to be recruits in the nation before it is all said and done," Patton said. "He has a bright, bright future and I am thrilled I am going to get to coach him."

Demetrius Dean

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