Hogs Pick Music City Bowl

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt said there were definite reasons for the Hogs to go to Nashville to meet Minnesota in the Music City Bowl. The game will be Monday, Dec. 30 at 1 p.m.

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt let his captains, seniors and starters decide between the Music City Bowl and the Independence Bowl. It was unanimous for the Music City and a trip to Nashville, Tenn.

"Our players wanted to be home on Christmas, and that was why they wanted the Music City," Nutt said. "We don't have to be there until Dec. 27 and we play on Dec. 30 for the Music City. We may go on the 26th, but our players will definitely go home for Christmas. For Shreveport, we had to be there on Dec. 22. Yes, it was more money to go to Shreveport, and there were some natural recruiting tie-ins and then you had the game with Nebraska and that name with some tie-ins from the past there, too.

"Usually, the players don't get a say in a bowl trip, but Coach Broyles was good to them and let them say this time. They've played 11 straight weeks and they wanted to go home for Christmas and I agreed that we ought to let them pick."

Nutt said the team gets one week off from workouts to concentrate on finals, but the coaches will continue to work hard.

"We had several coaches make in-home visits today, and more are scheduled Monday," Nutt said. "We are working hard in recruiting right now."

Nutt said he knew nothing about Minnesota other than that Glen Mason coached the Golden Gophers.

"I met him when he was head coach at Kansas and I was an assistant at Oklahoma State," Nutt said. "We haven't seen them play on TV, and I don't know a thing about their team other than they represent the Big 10."

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