A Family Trip

St. Louis prep tailback Ronnie Wingo (6-3, 212) brought his whole family to Fayetteville for his official visit and they all went away very impressed.

If you were traveling between Fayetteville and St. Louis on Sunday, you might have heard a car full of people Calling the Hogs.

That would have been St. Louis University High School tailback Ronnie Wingo (6-3, 212, 4.4) along with his mom, dad, two brothers and his sister.

"My little brothers and sisters loved the Hog Call," Wingo said. "We were doing it all the way back."

That's probably music to the ears of UA football coaches, who had made it clear to Wingo what a priority he is to this 2009 recruiting class.

"I feel extremely wanted by the Arkansas staff," Wingo said. "They have made me feel wanted as a person and as a football player. They have made it known that I would someone who could come in and play right away if I work hard and not just somebody they are trying to add to build up their depth chart."

He also felt extremely wanted by the fans – be it at the Catfish Hole restaurant on Friday night or at the basketball game on Saturday where students held up signs about how much they wanted him.

"That was crazy," Wingo said. "There was one sign that had three different pictures of me on it. They love their football team down at Arkansas and they know all the recruits names, not just the players they have know. That was wonderful as was the reaction we got at the Catfish Hole on Friday when the fans were calling the hogs and just going crazy.

"I was very impressed by it all and so were all the members of my family," Wingo added. "It was just a great visit for all of us."

Wingo had already been to Kansas and Missouri on offical visits before he came to Arkansas and has visits scheduled to Minnesota and Illinois the next two weeks.

Wingo said Wednesday night that speculation he might commit on Thursday was just a rumor.

"My plan is to announce a decision on Friday, Jan. 30," Wingo said. "I can't say that is a definite thing, but that is what I am thinking will happen right now."

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